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Piedmont, the frost ruins the flowering crops

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To almost all of us the unexpected cold of the last few days seemed a bizarre fact, but for farmers it is half a tragedy: Piedmont is even asking for a state of calamity. “I take note of the serious adversity that has hit the Piedmontese territories – says the Councilor for Agriculture and Food of the Region, Marco Protopapa – and in particular the numerous crops that in this period were already in bloom, putting future crops at serious risk “. The frost, which has reached many degrees below zero, has affected in particular fruit plants, horticultural crops and vines which in recent years have often been affected by serious exceptional events due to climate change.

This serious event has not spared any area of ​​the region putting at risk an economy already compromised by this long pandemic period and the recent floods. Protopapa again: “In order to ascertain more precisely what was determined by the thermal shock, we are organizing some useful inspections to verify the extent of the damage that the agricultural associations will certainly quantify in the coming days”.

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