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Pier Luigi Loro Piana: “We did not want to be blackmailed and we immediately reported”

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Immediately full confidence in the investigators. Luisa Loro Piana, Sergio’s wife, immediately denounced as soon as she received the first request for money. A news that has shaken Valsesia, which has gathered around the family of benefactors and entrepreneurs. «It happened about two years ago – says Pier Luigi Loro Piana -; my sister-in-law immediately filed a complaint with the Milan prosecutor’s office. It was certainly not our intention to be blackmailed and we immediately turned to the institutions. It was a very delicate investigation, which took a long time: we waited and now it seems to me that things are resolving for the best. Let justice take its course “. The family remained united even in the face of this difficulty. «This fact – explains Pigi Loro Piana – directly affected my brother’s family, but obviously involves the whole family. We are happy with the work of the Prosecutor and we trust the institutions ».

Attempted extortion from Loro Piana, an official of the Revenue Agency of Vercelli arrested

The Loro Piana family is fundamental for the local economy, thanks to the factories in Quarona and Borgosesia which have a vital employment aspect for Valsesia. In addition to the entrepreneurs there are the benefactors. Those that are made public are just some of the gestures of altruism and generosity that the cashmere family makes in favor of the Valsesian community. From the contribution of 600 thousand euros to the Municipality of Borgosesia to buy back the Milanaccio sports center, up to the millions of euros given in full Covid emergency, to give serological tests and swabs to the entire population, buy hospital machinery, respirators, PPE and fill every need of public and private entities. «We are very fond of our territory – says Pier Luigi Loro Piana -; we just try to participate in the needs of the community for what we can. I think that if everyone did something, our territory would certainly be better ». “I express my personal closeness to the Loro Piana family – says the mayor of Borgosesia Paolo Tiramani -, important entrepreneurs and respectable people who have always distinguished themselves for generosity and altruism towards our entire community”.

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