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Pilot contract from Gucci for leather workers

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Pilot contract from Gucci for leather workers

After the stop caused by Covid, the leather goods industry in Tuscany has resumed working at full speed, with the result that the big brands, especially in the Scandicci district, compete for skilled workers with bonuses and benefits.
In this context, the innovative company supplementary contract signed by the Femca-Cisl and Filctem-Cgil trade unions was born with three companies (only) producing bags, Gt di Scandicci, Gpa di Figline Valdarno and Garpe di Siena, all 100% controlled by the Gucci brand, which employ a total of 1,500 people.

Gucci takes its philosophy under the moon of Castel del Monte

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Performance bonuses and corporate welfare

In fact, the contract introduces the fourteenth monthly salary, for the first time in companies that work with the same costs and the same methods as subcontractors, as well as improving the performance bonus and corporate welfare. Up to now, the fourteenth has been the prerogative of the big brands, but not of the subsidiaries that produce in all respects as external suppliers, without designing or marketing the goods.

Complex operation

«The fourteenth operation was complicated – explains Alessandro Picchioni of Filtem-Cgil – and it was only possible because these companies, which have 700, 600 and 200 employees, have engineered the production process, resulting in respectable results. The fact that the labor market has ‘exploded’ has helped to reach the union goal, which is new in the history of leather goods ».

Three-year contract

The newly signed supplementary contract covers the three-year period 2022-2025. The fourteenth (which is formally linked to the supplement) this year will be set at six months, while it will be full starting from 2023. The other innovations are an increase in the performance bonus, which goes from 1,200 to 1,400 euros per year; and a sum of € 1,350 for three years (approximately € 400 per year) of corporate welfare, to be used for the purchase of goods and services for employees and their families; the use of the company canteen drops from € 2.5 to € 1; solidarity holidays and further leave and permits are provided in favor of gender equality and workers in particular situations, and protection for the victims of gender-based violence.

Pilot agreement

“This agreement will create a movement in the labor market”, Picchioni predicts, thinking about the attractiveness of the three leather goods and the request for emulation that will come from workers of other groups. Great satisfaction for the agreement of the Gucci industrial platform was expressed by the companies and trade unions in a press release. “The agreement reached – say the unions – confirms that the model of participatory trade union relations, developed in recent years, contributes to the company’s competitiveness and places the three leather goods as a reference point in second-level bargaining in the areas of Scandicci, Valdarno and of the Sienese / Grosseto area of ​​Amiata ».

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