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Pirelli (Sodalitas): “Sustainability, now it’s time for SMEs”

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Pirelli (Sodalitas): “Sustainability, now it’s time for SMEs”

In addition to his first name, he inherits the vision of doing business from his grandfather Alberto, a certain one understatement – typical of the Milanese bourgeoisie – as well as the Milanist faith. And if the times are not the same, the new president of the Sodalitas Foundation still wants to play the role of civil liability to the full, after having taken on the role of entrepreneur in the family group.

Alberto Pirelli, new president of the Sodalitas Foundation

Born in 1954, Alberto Pirelli graduated from Washington University in Seattle in ichthyology and aquaculture: “I have always had a passion for the environment, which I then combined with the company, creating a consulting company for fish farming systems, especially in Africa, in the context of cooperation “. After following this path (“I wanted to prove to myself that I can stand alone”), he arrives at what he himself defines “his second life”, in the company, first under the guidance of his father Leopoldo, then alongside the brother-in-law Marco Tronchetti Provera.

A guiding role for the entire supply chain

Since 1985 he has held numerous positions in the group, including that of director and vice president of Pirelli. «With my experience in many different realities around the world, I have developed the conviction that the commitment of companies from a social and environmental point of view is fundamental, as is the redistribution of part of the profits in support of the communities. We at Pirelli have always been attentive to these aspects »says the entrepreneur today business advisor in Pirelli and director of the Pirelli Foundation, which keeps the documentation on the history of the company since its foundation in 1872. “Since we have a more structured company also in the approach to sustainability, I believe it is important to have a leading role in respect to suppliers, customers, stakeholders, to the entire supply chain ”, adds the new president of Sodalitas who points out a guiding role for the foundation created in 1995 by Assolombarda and a group of companies and volunteers.

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Small and medium-sized enterprises towards the Esg

This role must be interpreted above all towards small and medium-sized enterprises, which constitute the productive backbone of the country, but which are less structured. To make this Sodalitas commitment effective and therefore support SMEs on the path towards the adoption of sustainable paradigms, the Milanese entrepreneur, who succeeds Enrico Falck in his mandate, outlines three areas. “First of all, reference models are needed to give indications on the current situation and how to implement ESG standards (Environmental, Social and Governance standards to identify the sustainability of a company ndr.) », Explains Alberto Pirelli, who cites a survey among 35 major Sodalitas associates – conducted by SDA Bocconi in collaboration with the Enel Foundation and Falck Renewables – which offers a tool for ESG areas and the related performance indicators. “Secondly – enumerates Pirelli – there is a legislative issue: it is necessary to simplify, so as to reduce the obligations, procedures and burdens”. Finally, the third aspect calls finance into play. «Today one third of the assets on the market are linked to sustainability parameters. The PNRR expands the possibilities for those with defined ESG characteristics. The world of finance in addition to offering credit can be a valid accompaniment “.

In short, an invitation to come forward, addressed to SMEs. Companies that are depositories of great quality and capacity for innovation. «I am thinking above all of the life sciences where SMEs and 12 thousand Italian startups, 30% of which in Lombardy, are extraordinary assets to be protected: with their patents and technologies they can offer new areas of use »comments Pirelli.

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