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Pnrr, delays on hydrogen stations. Court of Auditors: 16 billion at risk

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Pnrr, delays on hydrogen stations.  Court of Auditors: 16 billion at risk

Pnrr, the fourth installment is in strong doubt. The alarm of the Court of Auditors

i continue problems related to the creation of Pnrr. The government Melonsthrough the minister Densecame out last month about the difficulties: “Some projects are mathematically impossible to be carried out within the foreseen deadlines”. To the already known problems, however, now another one is added. Why the Court of Auditors raised a new alarm, this time related to columns and hydrogen stations. To obtain the new tranche of funds – reports Repubblica – Italy must reach 27 goals by June 30th. But on some dossiers the accumulated delays are already jeopardizing the new allocation. The risk is “concrete“. And it can have a deflagrating impact on the government. Because what the Court of Auditors has put on paper in a resolution of May 3 is one unprecedented scenario for the Pnrr, which is already struggling.

Therefore, the risk: make less money. In the summer, – continues Repubblica – when the European Commission will examine the Italian request to obtain the fourth mouse of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, which applies 16 billion. Fitto is trying to modify beforehand some of the 27 target set for 30 June, which – it is already known for certain – will not be achieved, to prevent the stalemate from repeating itself even with the fourth mouse. And it is in this second case that – as explained by the Minister for European Affairs – one of the related interventions also falls to hydrogen, and specifically the creation of hydrogen refueling stations. As for the experimentation of hydrogen in road transport – said Fitto – “the call provided for 40 projects to finance: 36 questions have arrived. I don’t see a solution: if someone imagines it, I’m very happy, but, since there isn’t a solution, we have to find, in agreement with the European Commissionthe mode for modify This objective“.

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