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Pnrr, outburst from a minister: “Unbridgeable delays, we need to give up 100 billion”

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Pnrr, outburst from a minister: “Unbridgeable delays, we need to give up 100 billion”

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Pnrr, Brussels disputes three objectives: the stadium node of Florence and Venice

Italy is in great trouble on the PnrrBetween problem credits e delays on the objectives there are now too many knots to untie with Bruxelles and the situation threatens to plummet. The climate of tension is such – we read in La Stampa – that it should be pushed an important minister of the government to one prediction fosca: “The delays of the National Reform Plan are unbridgeable and they do not even depend on the inability of the governments. It is system a not be able to absorb that volume of investment. If I were in Georgia MelonsI would call a press conference, I would announce that Italy can’t do itand I would ask Europe either for a delay, or for a halving of funds. Of the 209 billion planned, we can use perhaps a hundred”. Behind a very formal statement sent by the Palazzo Chigi the problem came out yesterday. “We agreed to extend by one month the assessment to enable the Commission to complete the technical sampling and verification activities’.

Il extra month to which the government refers – continues La Stampa – is the time necessary to evaluate the achievement of the goals of the second half of 2022, by virtue of which Italy should receive the last installment (twenty billion euros) of the Recovery Plan. Well, for the Brussels technicians there are at least three things That they do not go: the reforms of airport concessionsof the district heating networks, the eligibility of financing of two investments, for the new ones stadiums in Florence and Venice. Here the note from Palazzo Chigi is mischievous: the interventions «were selected through the procedure of tender of 30 June 2022», or when Mario was still in government Draghi. “Are they now realizing the fairness of these investments?” says a member of Brothers of Italy requesting anonymity.

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