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Policies are frequently implemented. Valuation is already at a low historical quantile. Is the market rebounding in the pharmaceutical sector? _ Oriental Fortune Network

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Yesterday, the medical and biological sector continued its rally. As of the close, the Shenwan Pharmaceutical and Biological Index rose by 1.37%, ahead of other Shenwan first-level industry indexes. in,Kangtai MedicineShutaiShuanglu PharmaceuticalFengyuan PharmaceuticalWait 15 stocks daily limit.

Since the second half of this year, the overall pharmaceutical sector has shown a downward trend in shocks. From early July to November 8, the pharmaceutical and biological industry index fell by 19.90%. Since the beginning of the medical insurance negotiations on November 9, policies have been implemented frequently, the trend of the pharmaceutical sector has recovered, and the stock prices of individual stocks have risen rapidly. From November 9th to yesterday, the pharmaceutical and biological index has rebounded by 7.03%.

Analysts said that the pharmaceutical industry is a “policy” industry. Under the background of the centralized procurement of high-value consumables and pharmaceuticals in the early stage, the industry valuation has gradually entered the bottom of history. Since then, with the continuous implementation of various policies, the panic of market funds on the pharmaceutical industry has been released, and the pharmaceutical sector is expected to usher in a valuation restoration.

On the news, from November 9 to 11, the 2021 national medical insurance negotiations will be held as scheduled. On November 15, the National Health Commission issued the “Management Measures for the National Essential Drug List (Revised Draft)” for public commentsannouncement. On November 19, the Drug Evaluation Center of the State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Clinical Value-Oriented Guiding Principles for Clinical Research and Development of Anti-tumor Drugs.”On the same day, the National Medical Insurance Administration issued the “Basic MedicalinsuranceInterim Measures for the Payment Management of Medical Consumables (Draft for Comment), and “Nambling Standards for “Medical Insurance Generic Name” of Medical Consumables for Medical Insurance (Draft for Comment)”, which signifies that medical consumables will be included in the management of generic names.

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  Orient SecuritiesSaid that with the implementation of medical insurance negotiations, the policy impact tends to stabilize. The valuation of the pharmaceutical sector is already at a low historical quintile, and it is expected to usher in opportunities for valuation restoration next year, and the innovative transformation of the industry is also worth looking forward to.Guojin SecuritiesIt also said that the expectation of homogenization of medicines is expected to weaken, and the trend of pre-medical insurance policies is superimposed on the marginal recovery, and the domestic business profits of leading innovative pharmaceutical companies are expected to increase marginally.

(Source: ShanghaiSecuritiesNewspaper)


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