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Political elections 2022, the victory of Giorgia Meloni. NY Times fears for relations with the EU and fears cracks in Italy’s support for Ukraine

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Political elections 2022, the victory of Giorgia Meloni.  NY Times fears for relations with the EU and fears cracks in Italy’s support for Ukraine

“Giorgia Meloni Leads Voting in Italy, in Breakthrough for Europe’s Hard Right”. This is the title of the article in the New York Times commenting on Giorgia Meloni’s victory in the 2022 political elections.

The New York daily underlines how the victory of the Fdi-Fratelli d’Italia party “is a turning point for the far right of Europe” as a whole.

“Italy election: Voters poised to elect Meloni, far-right Fratelli d’Italia”, is the title of the Washington Post dedicated to the outcome of the vote in Italy.

According to Ansa, the exit polls give the center-right ahead of both the House and the Senate with the same fork between 41.5% and 45.5%. The first projections fix the number in half, that is to say at 42.7 per cent.

Giorgia Meloni’s FdI wins with almost 26% of the votes; according to Enrico Letta’s Pd, which fails to hit the 20% target set and remains at 19.4%.

Surprise Five Star Movement by Giuseppe Conte, which is confirmed as the third Italian party with 16.5%.

Instead, it is a thud of consensus for the League of Matteo Salviniwhich capitulates to just 8.5%, not far from the8% of Forza Italia by Silvio Belusconi.

Also according to Ansa, the center-left in the Chamber reaches 26.8%, the M5s 16% and the third pole of Matteo Renzi-Carlo Calenda stops at 7.5 per cent.

At 23 the turnout was equal to 63.91%, an all-time low, more than nine points lower than in 2018.

Italy seems to have turned a page in European history on Sunday, by electing a center-right coalition led by Giorgia Meloni, whose long history of attacks against the European Union, international bankers and immigrants has sown concerns about reliability of the nation among Western countries, writes the New York Times, which defines Fratelli di Italia, known as Brothers of Italy, as a nationalist party, highlighting its origins (“A party that collects the leftovers of fascism”), underlining how the victory occurred in the face of “A split left and the resurrection of the anti-establishment movement” (therefore of the M5S).

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In summary, the victory of populism emerges, precisely what Brussels feared.

Giorgia Meloni’s post-fascist party in the lead “, comments the agency France Presse. “Giorgia Meloni claims victory to become Italy’s most far-right prime minister since Mussolini”, is the title of the CNN. Fascism, Mussolini, extreme right are the terms that crowd the pages of the international press-

I’ll make a quick comment on the day “ postponing “See you tomorrow all the more in-depth and complete assessments given that the data are still not definitive. But it seems to me that from the first projections we can say that the Italians are receiving a clear indication for a center-right government led by the Brothers of Italy “, Giorgia Meloni said.

“This is the time of responsibility, the time in which if you want to be part of history you have to understand what responsibility we have towards tens of millions of people because Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it as we have never betrayed it” .

Meloni added that “If we are called to govern the nation we will do it for everyone, to unite a people by exalting what unites rather than what divides”.

“The fact that Fdi is the first party means many things for many of us: this is certainly for many of us a night of pride, redemption, tears, hugs, dreams”. It’s still: “when it is over we will have to remember that we are not at a point of arrival but of departure and from tomorrow (today for the reader) we must prove our worth “.

It was a violent, aggressive electoral campaign, I believe that the situation in which Italy finds itself is particularly complex and requires everyone’s contribution “, Giorgia Meloni said again.

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The New York Times, again, highlights the nature of the entire center-right coalition, pointing out that, “Although Giorgia Meloni is a strong supporter of Ukraine, the allies of her coalition deeply admire the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and have criticized the sanctions against Moscow”. The divergence in the way of seeing Russia could, according to the American newspaper, “Coupled with competition between far-right leaders, prove fatal to the coalition, creating a short-lived government. But some political analysts indicate that Meloni, having reached power, could be tempted to soften the support given to sanctions: sanctions that are unpopular in much of Italy ”.

Another comment from the international press comes from CNN, which underlines how, “Although Meloni is destined to make history by becoming the first female prime minister, her policy does not mean that she is necessarily interested in promoting women’s rights.

CNN quotes the comment by Emiliana De Blasio, consultant on diversity and inclusion issues at the LUISS University of Rome, who pointed out as the leader of Fratelli di Italia “It is not raising all the issues concerning women’s rights and emancipation in general”.

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