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Politics – educational scientists expect “revolution” on the labor market

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Politics – educational scientists expect “revolution” on the labor market

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Berlin (German news agency) – Education researcher Klaus Hurrelmann expects a “revolution” on the labor market in view of the forthcoming generational change. “The baby boomers grew up in times when the profession was the linchpin of life,” Hurrelmann told the “Stern”.

“They valued and weighted the work more than anything else, including their private lives.” The young generation ticks differently in the face of many global crises. Anyone who is young today has the feeling: It is not certain that I will still be able to live comfortably in 20 years, not to mention my work. “When a company comes along and says: ‘You have to push yourself to the limit’, then the young people say: ‘No, not with these experiences behind me and these fears of me. I want to live too.'” That means for the younger generation, for example, working part-time and taking sabbaticals or parental leave.

They would want an appreciative working atmosphere and a meaningful job. “Older people say: ‘They don’t want to work anymore.’ Gen Z says: ‘Yes, we do, but not under the conditions under which you worked’,” says Hurrelmann. “If all the general conditions remain the same as they are at the moment, for example if there is no major economic crisis, then young people will have a pretty strong influence on how people work in the future. That means a revolution on the job market.”

The generation of the so-called “baby boomers”, which comprises around 13 million people in Germany, will soon be retiring. Around 8.5 million young people join the labor market with “Generation Z”.


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