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Ponte, CEO Ciucci: “Transparent project times”. But it’s already a total clash

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Ponte, CEO Ciucci: “Transparent project times”.  But it’s already a total clash

Pietro Ciucci Bridge over the strait

Bridge over the Strait, CEO Ciucci: “Bonelli is wrong, it hasn’t been a day but months”

The Rome prosecutor’s office opened a file relating to Bridge over the Strait even if not even the first stone has been laid. This resulted in one clash between the minister Salvinithe main promoter of the work and the oppositions. It all started from one exposed by Schlein, Bonelli and Fratoianni. The investigators have decided to look clearly into the matter record times of the approval of the project and Salvini went on the attack: “The left is against public works, I don’t fear the judges“.

Even the CEO of the company Strait of Messina he says he is calm. “With full respect for the activity of the judiciary, I confirm – says Pietro Pacifiers at Il Corriere della Sera – la our maximum collaboration e transparency with the investigating authorities with the aim of clarifying all the actions carried out, from the reconstitution of the company – which took place last June – to today”. Ciucci it also reveals the times for construction of the Bridge: “The goal is to start next summer. We are delivering the documents for the services conference and the environmental impact assessment. And it will therefore be entirely public.

The procedures – says Ciucci to Il Corriere – must be completed within 90 days, then we move on to Cipess, which approves the definitive project and the financial plan, assigning public utility to the project. If everyone respects this timeline, we will open the first construction sites in the summer.” Ciucci also addresses the political theme. “The Honourable Bonelli ci disputes having signed the agreement with Eurolink on September 29th and that the update was delivered to us the following day. In short, everything would have happened in one nightwhile, I underline once again, that the order to start activity to Eurolink was assigned in June with a formal act, i.e. three months before delivery of the update report. After delivery another four months have passedduring which the document was examined by the Strait of Messina Society, as well as subjected to the opinion of the scientific committee”.

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