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Port of Genoa, awarded infrastructure works for 2.3 billion

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Occupational repercussions

Prometeia, added the president of the Adsp, “has calculated that, in the next four years, by virtue of these construction sites, the territory will have an increase of employment, between direct, indirect and induced, of 38 thousand units, for a total added value of over 2 billion euros “.

As regards the financial dimensions of the 2019-2022 extraordinary program, Signorini and Bucci underlined that it started, in the first issue, with an endowment of 1.06 billion to arrive, with the 2021 variation notes and the 2022 budget forecasts, at 2.74 billion.

In 2019, works worth 156.71 million were awarded (99% of the expected award target); in 2020 for 164.56 million (80% of the target, a lower percentage, also due to the Covid effect); in 2021 for 910.91 million (97% of the target); and the forecasts for 2022 indicate contracts for 1.042 billion (of these 950 million are for the new breakwater of the port, whose assignment is expected in April).

From the waterfront to chemical depots

Among the main works awarded are the rearrangement of the Levante waterfront; the extension of the Cristoforo Colombo airport; the enlargement towards the sea of ​​the Fincantieri area of ​​Sestri Ponente; the new pilots tower; the redevelopment of the former Hennebique grain silo, il cold ironing (ie shore power supply) for cruises and ferries; road and rail interventions.

Also expected displacement of chemical deposits of Carmagani and Superba from Multedo to Somalia bridge in port. For this project Bucci has opened a table with the shipowner Emanuele Grimaldi who should, due to the transfer, move his activities with ferries and has not taken this decision of the administration well.

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