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Ppe, ok (not unanimous) to Ursula’s encore. The League attacks it to hit FdI and FI

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Ppe, ok (not unanimous) to Ursula’s encore.  The League attacks it to hit FdI and FI

Lega: “The crazy policies of this wretched and sinister Commission are destroying Europe”

The congress of Ppe approved the candidacy of Ursula von der Leyen as president of the Commission for the next European elections. The approval was by a very large majority but not unanimous. There were 499 voters, of which 489 were valid. Of these, 400 votes were in favor of von der Leyen and 89 were against. The outgoing president of the EU Commission is therefore the official candidate of the EPP for an encore, even if those 89 votes against are heavy.

Von der Leyen ruled out agreements with Marine Le Pen and the Germans of AfD, allies of the League in the European Parliament, and it is no coincidence that the League has come with a very harsh attack on Ursula which is not only a torpedo against Antonio Tajani and Forza Italia, who support the second term, but also to Giorgia Meloni who, albeit without saying it openly, is preparing to support Ursula’s encore or in any case to abstain but certainly not to vote against. On the other hand, the prime minister and the Brothers of Italy cannot go against the next EU executive. The Italian centre-right is completely divided over Europe. Forza Italia alongside Von der Leyen, the League that attacks it very harshly and Melons who does not express himself but who will support it in some way (without saying it so as not to leave room on the right for Salvini in view of the vote on 8-9 June).

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“There must be no doubt about what is at stake in these elections: our peaceful and united Europe is being questioned like never before by populists, nationalists, demagogues. Whether it is the far right or the far left”, he declared the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyenthis morning in Bucharest, during her speech at the EPP congress in which she was re-nominated for a second mandate “The names may be different but the objective is the same: they want to trample on our values ​​and they want to destroy our Europe”, she said von der Leyen citing as an example of destructive forces the Rassemblement National in France and the German far-right Afd. “And we will never allow this to happen. This is therefore a decisive moment, the signal from Bucharest today is that the EPP represents Europe, strong and secure, peaceful and prosperous, democratic and united. We are for the EU, for Ukraine, for the rule of law,” the Commission President said

THE LEAGUE’S SINK AGAINST URSULA – “Europe is being destroyed by the crazy policies of this wretched and sinister Commission, which has done nothing to combat illegal immigration and Islamic extremism, which has worked to ruin Italian and European farmers through taxes, idiotic rules, insect flour and synthetic food, to fire thousands of workers in the auto sector to do China a favor and fill us with electric cars, to put all homeowners in difficulty with new obligations and taxes. Never again with socialists in ruin millions of citizens!”. Thus a note from the League following the words of Ursula von der Leyen at the EPP congress.

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