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Pre-market U.S. stocks | The three major stock index futures dived in a short-term, Tesla fell by more than 2%, and the popular Chinese concept stocks were mixed – yqqlm

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The three major U.S. stock index futures dived before the market, the Dow futures fell 0.20%, the Nasdaq futures fell 0.67%, and the S&P futures fell 0.43%.

individual stocks

Before the U.S. stock market opened today, popular Chinese concept stocks were mixed. As of press time, Alibaba fell 0.21%, JD.com rose 1.84%, Bilibili rose 0.67%, New Oriental Education rose 2.23%, and Ideal Auto fell 0.1%.

It is reported that Alibaba’s Hema is reportedly considering financing at a valuation of $10 billion.

Blue City Brothers rose more than 2%, and Chizicheng Technology (9911.HK), the largest social networking company in China, announced that it will establish a fund in partnership with Spriver TechLimited and a wholly-owned subsidiary, focusing on the TMT track and investing in the global market. Metaverse, social, gaming company. The announcement also mentioned that the fund will participate in the privatization of Blue City Brothers.

The 1.5 times long panic index ETF-Proshares fell 1.04%, Tesla fell 2.1% before the market, and TSMC fell 2.33%.

Global economy

Crunch to the strongest sound!Fed governor: If inflation lingers at a high level, I may have to raise interest rates 5 times this year

Looking back at the past six months, U.S. inflation has repeatedly hit new highs, rising from 3% in April last year to 7% in December, and has gradually evolved from a three-year high to a 30-year peak.

Review of the last round of US easing policy exit cycle: US stocks out of long bulls and slow bulls

We reviewed the price performance of assets such as US Treasuries, USD, RMB and Chinese bonds and China‘s monetary policy during the last round of US easing policy exit. We found that the rise in US bond yields mainly occurred during the tapeer talk period, and the subsequent tightening policy also had a negative effect but was offset by other factors.

The dawn of easing pressure on global supply chains is here

Supplier deliveries have begun to improve, production bottlenecks have gradually been digested, and efficiency has improved. International and domestic transportation have not experienced more serious blockages and blockages. US consumer inflation expectations have begun to fall, and inflation is reducing the pressure on monetary policy.

US stock focus

“Sister Wood” doubles down on growth stocks

After achieving a historic 150% performance in 2020, the ARK Innovation ETF (code ARKK), which is heavily invested in technology stocks by Cathie Wood, has suffered a “Waterloo” in the past year, with a decline of more than 20%. The main reason for the loss of this fund is the sharp fall of several stocks with heavy positions.

U.S. tech stocks crash again: Tesla plummets 450 billion, Microsoft drops 600 billion! Chinese stocks also plummeted: Station B fell by more than 10%

Another important indicator of inflation in the United States, PPI, continued to blow the table in December, and the year-on-year growth rate continued to hit a new high! But the growth rate was slightly lower than market expectations.

US stock companies

Tesla: In December 2021, 22 super charging stations and 128 super charging piles will be launched in 21 cities (counties) across the country

According to Tesla WeChat official account, in December 2021, 22 super charging stations and 128 super charging piles have been launched in 21 cities (counties) across the country.

Behind Ford’s market value of 100 billion: the price-to-sales ratio is still below 1

  Ford(F.US)’s market cap rebounded and successfully exceeded $100 billion, but this still does not affect its rather peculiar existence in the market: a company with a market cap below its revenue.

Meta Platforms faces £2.3bn class action in UK over alleged abuse of market dominance

Meta Platforms (FB.O) is reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit of more than 2.3 billion pounds ($3.2 billion) in the U.K. over allegations that it abused its dominant market position by exploiting the personal data of 44 million users.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES CFO: The tight supply of chips will continue into 2022, and the goods will be urged every week

The supply crunch that plagued the chip industry last year will continue this year, said David Reeder, chief financial officer at foundry Global Foundries, who said GF received several calls a week to urge shipments and additional orders.

Ali’s cross-border e-commerce transformation accelerates Jiang Fan’s urgent expedition to fight the “first fire” overseas

In December 2021, Ali ushered in a major round of organizational restructuring.Jiang Fan, the former president of Taobao and Tmall, is in charge of the newly established “Overseas Digital Commerce” section, in charge of AliExpress andAlibabaThe two overseas businesses of the international station, as well as a number of subsidiaries facing overseas markets such as Lazada, shoulder the heavy responsibility of Ali’s globalization strategy.

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