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Price comparison: Aldi cheaper in Spain than in Germany?

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Price comparison: Aldi cheaper in Spain than in Germany?

We shopped in Spain and Germany. Leo Ginsburg / Steffen Bosse / Collage: Luca Schallenberger

Many groceries in Germany have become more expensive. But how does that compare internationally?

Business Insider bought ten products from Aldi Nord in Spain and Germany.

The result: the shopping basket in Germany was cheaper than in Spain.

When shopping for the week, the shock usually comes when the cashier tells you how much money you have to pay. In short: groceries in Germany have become more expensive – in some cases significantly.

But how does that compare to the popular holiday destination of Spain? Business Insider did the test. We bought ten groceries from both Aldi Nord in Germany and Aldi Nord in Spain.

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Compare ten foods

Our shopping list included: eggs, milk, a bar of hazelnut chocolate, bananas, six apples, a pack of salami, butter, tomatoes and toast.

The German purchase cost a total of 15.61 euros. The Spanish purchase was 18.48 euros and was therefore 2.87 euros more expensive.

See how much the products cost here

ProductPrice Germanyprice SpainApple2.15 Euro3.05 EuroKase-Aufschnitt1.99 Euro2.95 EuroBananes1.38 Euro1.68 EuroEgg1.39 Euro1.69 EuroMilk0.99 Euro1.04 EuroTomatoes2.39 Euro2.11 EuroButter1.45 Euro1.99 EuroChocolate0.89 Euro0.89 EuroToast1.19 Euro1.19 EuroSalami1.79 Euro1.89 EuroTotal15.6118.84

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Although German shopping was cheaper than Spanish, some products were still cheaper in the Mediterranean country. The 500 grams of tomatoes – both originating in Spain – cost 2.39 euros in Germany, in Spain they were exactly 28 cents cheaper at 2.11 euros.

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But things were different with apples, for example. They were almost a euro cheaper in Germany than in Spain.

For two products, the pricing of the discounter seems to be the same in both countries: both the toast (1.19 euros) and the chocolate bar (0.89 euros) cost the same.

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