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Price Monitoring in Sanming City: Stable Meat Prices, Slight Rebound in Poultry and Egg Prices

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Title: Sanming City Reports Stable Meat Prices and Slight Rebound in Poultry and Egg Prices

Date: July 10, 2022

In the latest price monitoring report, Sanming City reveals significant changes in the prices of staple and non-staple food collections. While some prices exhibit a decline, others have experienced a slight increase.

Grain and oil prices remain relatively steady, with the price of 500 grams of late indica rice dropping by 3.3% to 2.32 yuan and standard powder witnessing a 7.2% decrease to 2.57 yuan. On the other hand, round-grained rice and rich and strong powder have seen a 2% and 4.1% increase, respectively. The price of barrel-packed peanut oil remains at 121.76 yuan for 5 liters, while blended soybean oil is priced at 70.34 yuan for the same quantity.

The price of pork has largely stabilized and even witnessed a decline. The ongoing vacation period for colleges and universities has resulted in decreased consumption, limiting the demand for live pigs and leading to a slump in prices. Lean meat, costing 14.45 yuan per 500 grams, has seen a 3.3% decrease in price, while rib meat remains stable at 10.45 yuan.

Poultry and egg prices showed a slight rebound. With the decrease in egg prices, some markets have shown interest in replenishing their stock, resulting in a slight improvement and subsequent increase in egg prices. Currently, eggs cost 5.29 yuan for 500 grams, witnessing a 1.1% increase. Duck eggs, however, remain stable at 8.39 yuan.

Vegetable prices, on the other hand, have exhibited variations. As it is the peak season for vegetables to enter the market, the volume has decreased slightly. Among the 10 monitored vegetable varieties, prices have fallen for 5 of them, with an average decrease of 3.5%, amounting to an average price of 3 yuan. Cucumber, cauliflower, and water spinach have experienced more significant declines, with prices dropping by 26.2%, 13.5%, and 8.3% respectively.

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Overall, the majority of staple and non-staple food prices in Sanming City have remained stable, while certain items have witnessed fluctuations.

Original title: [This week’s “price” arrives] Sanming urban area: Meat prices are stable, poultry eggs rebound slightly

Editor in charge: Li Xiaoling

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