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Priced at 138,800-154,800 yuan, Beijing Hyundai’s new Festa N Line opens a new era of sports cars-DoNews Auto

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Priced at 138,800-154,800 yuan, Beijing Hyundai’s new Festa N Line opens a new era of sports cars-DoNews Auto

Priced at 138,800-154,800 yuan, Beijing Hyundai’s new Festa N Line opens a new era of sports cars

Zhang Peng2022-11-06 13:21:44

DoNews Automotive News on November 6th, on November 5th, a 2022 most Live trend party with the theme of “Hi 20” was held in Chengdu. At this momentous occasion, as the first sedan product of Beijing Hyundai’s N Line series, the new Festa N Line, positioned as a “high-performance and attractive car”, was launched vigorously. The new car launched a total of 3 models, with a price range of 138,800 yuan to 15.48 yuan. million.

At the same time, in order to help users easily “pull the grass” for the ideal car, it also launched the “N Gene Plan” including upgrade packages and courtesy packages as a powerful fan.

car model

N Line Elite Edition

N Line Deluxe Edition

N Line Ultimate

Manufacturer’s guide price





N gene project

N gene upgrade package

N gene courtesy pack

  • Trend Kit:18-inch wheels, red sports calipers, red and black sports interior, dual exhaust pipes
  • Sports Kit:Sport front/rear bumper, front grille, surround, side trim

(N gene exclusive kit: free upgrade worth 16,800 yuan)

  • Fuel pack:Purchase tax free, free compulsory insurance, interest free for up to 3 years
  • Energy Pack:

-BlueLink basic service, 5 years of free data

– 3 years or 100,000 kilometers for the whole vehicle, 5 years or 100,000 kilometers for the powertrain

– Door-to-door pickup service

-24H free emergency rescue

  • Policy description: 5-year free traffic limit for the first car owner, door-to-door pick-up and delivery service for 30KM round-trip free and unlimited times, 24H free emergency rescue limited to quality problems within the warranty
  • For detailed terms and deadlines of the policy, please consult your local authorized dealer for details.

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Hyundai, a milestone node, a new journey and a new starting point. In order to better meet young consumers’ eager needs for the first high-performance car in their lives, more consumers who like racing culture can feel the passion and fun of driving in their daily car life. Beijing Hyundai’s new Festa N Line internalizes Hyundai’s high-performance N brand motorsport technology, and comprehensively upgrades it based on the actual needs of contemporary young people. The new car is not only refreshed in appearance and power, but also adds many advanced technologies and high-end configurations. With an advanced refreshment, the gold content of the A+ class sports sedan is further enhanced.

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As Ms. Qi Xiaohui, deputy general manager of Beijing Hyundai, said at the press conference: “Beijing Hyundai has always been committed to communicating with young people, to meet the needs of users as the starting point of thinking, and to enhance the value of products. Therefore, when we want to enter a new market. , we can create a new product, or we can add new value to the original product based on the needs of users.”

Life must have an attitude, and the pursuit of beauty will go further

Contemporary young people are not satisfied with one identity, nor are they satisfied with one style. For them, luxury but not heavy, gorgeous but not exaggerated, wild and fiery but delicate, calm and elegant but not edgy, high-value cars are enough to demonstrate the life attitude they pursue.

In terms of appearance, the new Festa N Line has achieved “factory modification” under the blessing of the exclusive sports kit, 18-inch two-color N Line exclusive wheels, red brake calipers, Feiyang-style rear wing and high-performance car-specific The dynamic bilateral four-outlet exhaust pipes make the whole vehicle full of fighting atmosphere. The new car also draws on Hyundai’s latest “Sensuous Sportiness” design concept, black parametric gemstone front grille and honeycomb gemstone LED daytime running lights, highlighting strong sports attributes; F1 racing elements are integrated into the vehicle line design to absorb the wind and pass by. The aesthetic feeling of the aerodynamics is not only at the physical level, but also comprehensively advanced in the design aesthetics, so that the agile and agile posture is natural.

A low-key is not a tone, a moderate internal show is enough to be unrestrained and unrestrained

The dynamism doesn’t stop at the surface, and the interior of the new Festa N Line is equally enthusiastic. Based on the space of 4690×1790×1425mm in length, width and height and 2700mm in wheelbase, the new car builds an immersive cockpit centered on the driver. The center console adopts an embracing design inclined to the driver’s side. The exclusive piano-style keys that combine beauty and practicability create a surround feeling at your fingertips, making the operation smoother and making it easier for drivers to view navigation and other information while driving. Sports exclusive D-shaped steering wheel, shift paddles, N Line exclusive SBW push-button electronic shift, supplemented by red decorative strips embellishment, let the fighting desire open in situ. One-button SPORT+ condenses powerful performance into a delicate button. With just one touch, the scenery passing by the car window can be the best footnote for the speed of the wind.

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In addition, the perimeter of the SBW push-button electronic shift is covered with a soft leather material, which makes the visual and tactile feeling more advanced. At the same time, the area where the mobile phone is placed in front of the shift mechanism also supports wireless charging. The bottom of the center console is no longer occupied by the mechanical structure, and a considerable storage space emerges as the times require. Whether it is change, high-speed cards or even women’s bags, they all have their own “private space”.

Treat your car as a partner and be a wise friend of young people

There is no market for pragmatism in the eyes of these young people. They like richness, fun, entertainment and spiritual satisfaction. What they want is the sense of surprise in ordinary life.

The new Festa N Line, which is also in its prime, gets all these careful thoughts, armed with cutting-edge technology to the teeth, and gives the desired sense of technology and security. The intelligent network connection 4.0 system equipped in the new car is driven by scenario development and introduces advanced technology, which can realize the linkage of multiple personalized application information, enjoy the convenient experience brought by intelligent technology, and control everywhere, redefining intelligent travel interconnection. And it also supports S-OTA upgrade, which can continuously realize functional evolution, make “outdated” a thing of the past, and always be at the forefront of the trend.

The Hyundai SmartSense safety system equipped with the new Festa N Line includes FCA front collision avoidance assist, LKA lane departure avoidance assist, BCA blind spot collision avoidance assist, RCCA rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist, and NSCC based on navigation intelligence. Cruise control, LVDA front vehicle departure reminder, and LFA lane centering to maintain the same level of leading 21 ADAS configurations cover almost all vehicle scenarios, can perceive the surrounding environment in all directions, and allow all-dimensional security protection to follow along the way.

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Advanced technology is powerfully empowering, and forging ahead is more than fast

Youth, movement, challenge, acceleration, pushback, and roar are the exclusive symbols for contemporary young people to express themselves and express their individuality. Based on accurate insight and in-depth analysis of user needs, the new Festa N Line also handed in a full score of “more than fast” in terms of power. In order to further satisfy the young people’s yearning for speed and passion, the new car is equipped with a new 1.5T GDi high-power engine, has the world‘s first CVVD technology, and is matched with the second-generation 7DCT transmission. Taking into account the fuel economy, the minimum fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of WLTC is as low as 6.15L/100km. At the same time, it also provides 4 driving modes including ECO, COMFORT, SPORT, and SMART, which can be freely switched in real time according to road conditions, and the background and color of the instrument panel are linked with the driving mode to enhance driving pleasure. Equipped with dynamic bilateral four-outlet exhaust pipes, it also has its own high-pitched and moving sound waves. It always exudes a fierce attitude originating from the track, showing the enterprising spirit most vividly.

From “exquisite” to “extreme”, from “tasteful” to “high-quality”. 4 years is enough to change a lot, some changes are in the overall strength; some changes are the sublimation of the concept; for the new Fiesta N Line, both of which are present. Under the strong empowerment of Hyundai Motor’s high-performance N brand, the new car continues to tap its own potential and release the extraordinary charm of “from the field to the street”. The tough handling with both performance and comfort, as well as the price at your fingertips, fully satisfy all the young people’s imaginations of “the first performance car in life”. It not only perfectly interprets the definition of “high-performance attractive car” with its hard-core strength, but also sets up a banner to lead the A+-class sports sedan to the ultimate advancement in concept.

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