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Private leasing under 100 euros: 3 great deals for you!

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Private leasing under 100 euros: 3 great deals for you!

The Dacia Spring Essential is currently available for private leasing for less than 100 euros per month. PR/Business Insider

The conditions for private leasing are often not as good as for commercial leasing. This is because there are no tax breaks and other advantages for traders.

Nevertheless, you can still find cheap bargains on private leasing. In our leasing calculator we discovered cheap leasing offers for private individuals that cost around 100 euros per month.

Including: Deals for the Fiat 500*the Seat Ibiza* and the Mitsubishi Space Star*. We have put together details of the offers for you here.

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Compared to commercial leasing, the conditions for private leasing are often significantly worse. This is annoying for everyone who doesn’t have a business license and therefore has to pay extra every month because tax breaks and other advantages are no longer available. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t cheap offers for private leasing – you just have to look hard enough. We’ll show you three good offers for private leasing under 100 euros.

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Private leasing deals under 100 euros per month

So that you don’t have to scroll through the different providers yourself, we have searched our practical leasing calculator for cheap deals. And actually: We discovered private leasing deals that cost around 100 euros per month. Sure, you shouldn’t expect luxury cars from brands like Tesla, Porsche and Co. for this low rate. But you can look forward to these bargains Fiat 500*, Seat Ibiza* and Mitsubishi Space Star* set:

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The leasing conditions for the Fiat 500 MY23 at a glance

Target group:Private leasingDuration:36 FunMileage:10,000 kilometers a yearMonthly Rate:99,00 EuroTransfer costs:one-off 999.00 eurosList price:17.490,00 EuroLeasingfaktor:0,57Total cost factor:0,72Fuel:PetrolCircuit:manuallyPerfomance:70 PS (51 Kilowatts)Maximum speed:up to 167 km/hConsumption:combined 4.6 liters per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:combined 105 grams per kilometerFurnishing:Lane departure warning, on-board computer, rain sensor, parking aid, tire pressure monitoring system, automatic climate control, Android Auto and moreColor:White (“Gelato White”)Delivery time:available immediately

The leasing conditions for the Seat Ibiza 1.0 TSI at a glance

Target group:Commercial and private leasingDuration:24 FunMileage:10,000 kilometers per yearMonthly Rate:99,00 EuroProvision fee:one-off 1290.00 eurosList price:25.750 EuroLeasingfaktor:0,38Total cost factor:0,59Fuel:PetrolCircuit:AutomaticPerfomance:110 PS (81 Kilowatts)Maximum speed:up to 195 km/hConsumption:combined 5.1 liters per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:combined 116 grams per kilometerFurnishing:On-board computer, emergency brake assistant, air conditioning, speed limiter, Bluetooth, Apple Air Play, Android Auto and moreColor:RotDelivery time:nine months

The leasing conditions for the Mitsubishi Space Star 1.2 at a glance

Target group:Private leasingDuration:30 FunMileage:10,000 kilometers a yearMonthly Rate:96,00 EuroTransfer costs:one-off 1191.90 eurosList price:15.190,00 EuroLeasingfaktor:0,63Total cost factor:0,89Fuel:PetrolCircuit:manuallyPerfomance:71 PS (52 Kilowatts)Maximum speed:up to 174 km/hConsumption:combined 4.5 liters per 100 kilometersCO2 emissions:combined 104 grams per kilometerFurnishing:Air conditioning, on-board computer, audio remote control, brake assistant and moreColor:SilberDelivery time:four months

Leasing factor and total cost factor – what is that?

In the tables with the details of the leasing offers you may have stumbled across the terms leasing factor and total cost factor. These are two values ​​that make leasing deals comparable. The leasing factor only takes into account the relationship between the list price and the leasing rate, while the total cost factor also takes additional costs such as special payments and deployment fees into account. The following applies to both values: If they are around or below one, you can assume a good offer.

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More affordable private leasing offers

Don’t you like these deals? You can find more cheap deals for private customers in our leasing calculator:

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