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Promote consumption replenishment, stimulate potential and release Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card to add momentum to the “May 5th Shopping Festival”_Event_Financial Industry_Market

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Original title: Promote consumption replenishment, stimulate potential and release Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card to add momentum to the “May 5th Shopping Festival”

At present, the resumption of work and production, the resumption of business and the market have entered a new stage, and Shanghai is also reviving its vitality at the acceleration of the 100-meter sprint. The third “May 5th Shopping Festival” has been vigorously started. With the superposition effect of powerful policy measures and marketing activities, it has become an important engine for promoting consumption, stabilizing growth and increasing vitality, and a strong support for the continuous innovation and development of market players. An important functional platform and major landmark activities to build an international consumption center city and launch the “Four Brands”. The “May 5th Shopping Festival” not only stimulated the enthusiasm of market entities and enterprises, but also improved the quality and expansion of consumption, and added new momentum to the sustainable development of the economy.

Consolidate regional stations to escort economic recovery

In the recently released “Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization”, whether it is “vigorously promoting the accelerated recovery of consumption” or “strengthening the elements of investment projects and policy support”, there is no need for the financial industry to play an active role in helping the economy. Vibrate into the living water. SPD Credit Card makes full use of its home field advantage and the accumulation of resources in the user market for many years to comprehensively help expand consumption scale, improve consumption quality, lead consumption trends, attract consumption backflow, and create greater value for users, partners and the general public with financial energy. , make every effort to bring back the fireworks in the world, and keep the “Shanghai” economic fundamentals.

As a responder to the “May 5th Shopping Festival”, Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card has successfully participated for two years. The first two “May 5th Shopping Festivals” for Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card, on the basis of customer-centricity, are the efficient integration of various resources, and create the “Yangtze River Delta own bank” brand from the inside out; this year, Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card In the 3rd “May 5th Shopping Festival”, the financial engine will be further activated to fully stimulate the vitality of online and offline consumption, provide consumers with high-quality and practical functions and services, escort economic development, and fulfill corporate responsibility.

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Leading the consumption of multiple tracks to help the market “return blood”

This “May 5th Shopping Festival” focuses on “leading the trend of fashion definition”, coordinating the “international consumption season”, “world premiere season” and “city-wide discount season”, highlighting digital empowerment, and promoting business, culture, tourism, sports, exhibitions, etc. Consumption online and offline integration and linkage, forming a large consumption pattern. In this context, the “May 5th Shopping Festival Credit Card” and a series of themed activities launched by Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card, more use of new media and digital communication means, the largest range of joint key business districts, brands, platforms to plan a variety of marketing activities and market Leading innovative business formats, building an omni-channel, multi-form and rhythmic marketing communication system, and accelerating the recovery and enhancement of new market momentum.

The first is to issue the “Shanghai Pudong Development Bank May 5th Shopping Festival Credit Card”, deploy business district consumption, and increase investment in payment and marketing. Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card closely follows the theme of the “May 5th Shopping Festival”, and helps the market “recover blood” by means of point exchange and consumption concessions. Burning Passion launched the “Shanghai Pudong Development Bank May 5th Shopping Festival Credit Card”, and created four gifts through “shopping gift packs”, WeChat instant discounts, “Shanghai Transportation Card” recharge to enjoy discounts, and new customers’ exclusive hot-point activities to create four gifts to ignite shopping in Shanghai enthusiasm. Not only that, the layout of business district consumption is also an important measure for SPD Credit Card to understand the needs of customers and increase investment in payment and marketing. During the event, Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card will link up with Bailian business district and China Resources business district in Shanghai, as well as other high-quality business districts and internet celebrity business districts such as Jiating Hui City Life Plaza, Jiading Darong City, etc. Help the real economy recover.

The second is to combine leading e-commerce and merchant platforms to create diversified activities such as card-bound consumption. Taking JD.com, Pinduoduo, Douyin, Meituan and Suning as examples, in addition to the 6-16 yuan discount for the first bundle, there are random surprises such as full payment reduction and consumption lottery, super 6 surprises and 818 surprises.

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During the event, users can also go to KA merchant stores to enjoy 66% discount and other discounts. High-quality merchants such as Starbucks, MUJI, Taotaoju, Minato Hotpot, KK Group, and Chabaidao are all listed.

The third is to carry out transaction installment discounts and activities in the multi-storey mall area to effectively benefit consumers. For example, during the event period, the invited cardholders use the installment fee discount for transaction installment business, enjoy the installment fee discount, and superimpose installment coupons, and the installment fee after the coupon is as low as 0 yuan. In the APP’s multi-storey mall, cardholders who purchase products in the designated event area by installment payment can also receive credit card rewards.

The fourth is to take multiple measures to promote the increase of automobile consumption. For example, during the May 5th Shopping Festival, cardholders who purchase designated new energy vehicle brands and meet certain conditions can enjoy a maximum of 1,666 yuan for card credit.

Multiple rounds of concurrent construction of a competitive “moat”

As a strong link between the market and consumers, the reason why SPD Credit Card can activate the market energy level with financial “active water” is precisely because it accurately captures the policy essentials, integrates the full-link model with unique marketing methods, and faces changes in the face of changes. The market environment can make targeted adjustments in real time. The specific manifestations are as follows:

Return to the source of consumption and deepen the power of inclusiveness. Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card has continuously optimized the financial new retail format of multiple scenarios, and built a multi-functional platform of “food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment“, allowing users to dare to spend and spend with confidence. For example, in the month of Shanghai’s resumption of work and production, Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card mobilized multiple resources in a very short period of time, and planned the “Pu Da Xi Ben 66 Consumer Festival”, covering multiple dimensions such as business district merchant activities, travel activities, and car purchases. Favor consumption, “discover” a better life.

Practicing green life and maintaining low-carbon goals. In terms of green and low-carbon business, SPD credit card has always contributed to sustainable financial strength. From leading the industry, the first “SPD UnionPay Green and Low-Carbon Themed Credit Card” was launched, to the launch of a series of special activities such as Green and Low-Carbon 1.0 and Green and Low-Carbon 2.0 to dig into the consumption scenarios related to “Double-Carbon”, and to “integrate all things with green, With the theme of “Creating the Future Together”, we integrate green and low-carbon into consumption branches closely related to personal life, such as environmental protection, car purchase, and travel. SPD Credit Card has always been promoting the new concept of low-carbon life to cardholders, forming positive incentives for green consumption awareness through the construction of personal carbon accounts, increasing the willingness of the whole people to participate and practice green lifestyles, and at the same time providing new samples for the industry to achieve financial innovation , open a new blue ocean of green and low-carbon.

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Technology empowerment and digitalization of core competitiveness. In recent years, the trend of online consumption has become obvious. Shanghai Pudong Development Credit Card has taken advantage of the situation, continuously increasing investment in technology, and further infiltrating digital transformation to drive users’ refined services. Focusing on user consumption cycle, scene ecology, use rights and risk control, etc., through Accurate data analysis and intelligent services have realized the integration of “online drainage + offline scenarios + payment”, and closed-loop development from traffic acquisition to enrichment to customer stickiness has built a solid competitive moat. This move not only further reduces operational risks and costs, but also accelerates the integration of online and offline channels and scenarios, greatly increasing user consumption and activity.

Doing hard work and practicing the original intention, finance is the responsibility of the people. With policy force and demand recovery, boosting consumer confidence and activating the domestic demand market will be one of the main themes throughout the year. SPD Credit Card will continue to give full play to its professional advantages, continue to increase the efforts to “benefit the people with finance”, further enhance the endogenous growth momentum and market vitality, provide “one-stop” shopping discounts in all scenarios and multiple dimensions, and satisfy the people’s yearning for a better life , to escort stable growth.Return to Sohu, see more


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