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“Promotional” pre-sale of iPhone 14 but not shipped, Chongqing “Easy Liangou”, which has been established for less than two months, was exposed and ran away.

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“Promotional” pre-sale of iPhone 14 but not shipped, Chongqing “Easy Liangou”, which has been established for less than two months, was exposed and ran away.

original title:“Promotional” pre-sale of iPhone 14 but no shipment

On September 16, the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones ushered in the first sale, and Mr. Li, who had snapped up two dark purple Apple 14 a week in advance, was not happy at all.

After the Apple press conference, Mr. Li paid attention to various pre-sale channels. He saw coupons on the WeChat applet “Easy Buy Online Mall”, “a mobile phone is 1,000 yuan cheaper”, which made him decisive. On September 9, I paid more than 20,000 yuan to buy an iPhone14 Pro and an iPhone14 ProMax.

After the transaction was successful, Mr. Li consulted the customer service for the delivery time, and the other party promised to deliver the goods on the 15th. But just when he was looking forward to using the new mobile phone, on September 13, Mr. Li heard that “E-Liango has run away”, and hurriedly went to the backstage of the applet to contact customer service, “If it is not online, no one will pay attention to submitting a refund.”

Not only Mr. Li, but the reporter saw on the Black Cat Complaint Platform that since September 14, many users have initiated complaints against the “Easy Connect Online Mall”. The situation is similar, all of which are Apple mobile phones that were snapped up and not shipped. , no refund will be given.

Pre-sale iPhone mobile phone platform “disconnected”

On September 16, the customer service of the WeChat applet “Easy Liangou Supply Chain” received consecutive calls to complain about refunds, but the reason for the complaint was a mobile phone problem that had nothing to do with its own platform. Many users said that they bought iPhone 14 mobile phones in the “E-Liangou Online Mall”, but so far not only have they not been shipped, but even customer service has not been contacted.

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The reporter saw in the company profile of “E-Liangou Supply Chain” that its affiliated operating entity is Shanxi Twenty-One Store Network Technology Co., Ltd., which is a new retail online shopping platform vertical to the kitchen and bathroom industry. The complained small program “Easy Liangou Online Mall” can no longer be searched.

It is for this reason that many people searched for the keyword “E-Liangou” on WeChat and then directly found “E-Liangou Supply Chain” to complain about refunds. The fact that a certain brand of mobile phone has not been shipped has nothing to do with our company” statement.

Everything starts with an announcement circulating on social platforms on the morning of September 15. “We ran away, I’m sorry!” In this “announcement jointly issued by Youle Shopping and Yiliangou, although there are many typos, after admitting to running away, the announcement party not only ridiculed the victims. , and finally did not forget to apologize to the victims who bought mobile phones on the platform on behalf of “Youle buys machines, Yilian buys Apple franchise stores”.

Different from “E-Liangou Online Mall”, which cannot be found, the reporter searched for the “Youle Shopping Machine” applet, and its page was displayed normally. However, under the iPhone marketing picture on the homepage, there are two tabs, “Top Item List” and “New Product Arrivals”, and nothing is displayed when clicked.

The reporter browsed its page and did not find any channel to get in touch with customer service, but saw that the associated operator of the applet displayed Chengdu Kangxiaojie Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Kangxiaojie). From the enterprise information query platform Tianyancha search, Chengdu Kangxiaojie was established on August 15, 2018 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. The legal representative, manager and major shareholder are all one person, Chen Xiaojie.

The reporter dialed the phone number registered in Kangxiaojie, Chengdu, but couldn’t get through. It was not until the morning of September 17 that he got in touch with an insider in Kangxiaojie, Chengdu. He said, “Youle is definitely not running away, nor will it run away.” Asked about the current operation of Youle. The above-mentioned person left a sentence “others do not know, the rumors stop at the wise” and no longer reply.

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The reporter learned about the situation from the platform that provided the technical support services behind the mini-program, and the relevant personnel told the reporter, “We monitored public opinion and organized a special team to contact the two companies.” According to him, after the platform found a problem, it immediately contacted the two companies The main operator behind the small program has contacted, and it has been confirmed that, “E-Liangou has been unable to get in touch. It just ran away with money. We have already reported to the local police in Chongqing.”

Chongqing Yiliangou was established less than two months ago

After the previous announcement, on September 16, the reporter saw that an announcement with the red seal of “E-Liangou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.” circulated on the Internet again. Arrived, “greed for small gains and suffers big losses, there is no pie in the sky, there are only traps…”

The reporter followed this inscription and searched through the enterprise information query platform Tianyancha, and found that the affiliated operator of “E-Liangou” is Chongqing E-Liango Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Chongqing E-Liangou), which was established in July 2022. On the 28th, it has been less than two months.

Although the industrial and commercial information shows that the registered capital of the above-mentioned company is 20 million yuan, the amount of paid-in capital is not displayed. In addition, the telephone number, email, etc. have not been announced. Only its registered address can be found, which is located in a residence in Yubei District, Chongqing City. .

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The reporter saw that Chongqing Yiliangou has many business scopes, including technical services, artificial intelligence application software development, 5G communication technology services, electronic product sales, communication equipment sales, and intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle sales. The legal representative and general manager of this company are all one person – Luo Xiaoyi, who is also the legal representative and general manager of Shenzhen Kaisheng Technology Co., Ltd., the major shareholder of Chongqing Yiliangou.

Tianyancha shows that the latter company was established on August 23, 2021 with a registered capital of 1 million people, but it has the same problem as Chongqing Yiliangou, except for the registered address, nothing else is displayed.

Based on the registration place of Chongqing Yiliangou, the reporter called the Economic Investigation Department of the Public Security Bureau of Yubei District, Chongqing City on the morning of September 17, and learned that some consumers had gone to the police station of the branch to report the case on the 16th. The department is investigating the incident.”

When Mr. Li entered the Black Cat Complaint Platform to file a complaint on September 16, he browsed and saw that many people were coveting the coupons of the “E-Liango Online Mall”. The iPhone 13 series, but none of them have been received, the transaction amount is as little as 10,000 yuan, and some even exceed hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is reported that not only is the amount of money involved in the incident huge, but the relevant personnel of the Yubei District Public Security Bureau of Chongqing also told reporters, “It involves all parts of the country, and the police station in the jurisdiction is already conducting investigations, and a follow-up result should be given.” (Reporter Qian Yujuan

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