Home Business Property Market Breakfast Meeting | The central bank lowered the five-year LPR interest rate to 4.45%; CIFI responded to the issuance of financing products; Shenzhen Venture Capital plans to issue 1.5 billion corporate bonds

Property Market Breakfast Meeting | The central bank lowered the five-year LPR interest rate to 4.45%; CIFI responded to the issuance of financing products; Shenzhen Venture Capital plans to issue 1.5 billion corporate bonds

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Original title: Property Market Breakfast | The Central Bank lowered the five-year LPR interest rate to 4.45%; CIFI responded to the issuance of financing products; Shenzhen Venture Capital plans to issue 1.5 billion corporate bonds

1. Central Bank: The five-year LPR interest rate was lowered to 4.45%

On May 20, the People’s Bank of China authorized the National Interbank Funding Center to announce that the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR) on May 20, 2022 is: 3.7% for 1-year LPR, and 4.45% for LPR for more than 5 years. The above LPRs are valid until the next LPR is issued. Compared with the previous month, the one-year LPR remained unchanged, and the five-year LPR was adjusted from 4.6% in the previous month to 4.45%.

2. China Merchants Shekou provides a guarantee of no more than 500 million yuan for Guangzhou Zhaosheng

On May 19, China Merchants Shekou (001979.SZ) issued an announcement on the subsidiary providing guarantee for Guangzhou Zhaosheng. According to the announcement, in order to meet the needs of the project construction, Guangzhou Zhaosheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of China Merchants Shekou, applied for a loan of RMB 500 million from Guangzhou Branch of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. with a loan term of 3 years. Guangzhou China Merchants Real Estate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Merchants Shekou Holdings, intends to provide joint and several liability guarantees for the above-mentioned loans. The principal amount of the guarantee shall not exceed RMB 500 million, and the guarantee period shall be 3 years from the date when the loan under the main contract expires.

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3. Agile provides guarantee for the 60.5 billion yuan loan of its Jiangsu Qidong residential project

On May 19, Agile Group Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that it would provide guarantees for the loans of its project companies. Qidong Xinya Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the Agile project company, recently signed a loan agreement with the Nantong Branch of Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. According to the financing agreement, Qidong Xinya has obtained up to 650 million yuan in loan financing for project development.

4. CIFI responded that it will issue financing products next week: the issuance is currently in the preparation process

On May 19, Guandian New Media learned that CIFI Group may issue financing products next week, involving corporate bonds and supply chain ABS, covering CDS and CRMW credit protection tools, and will ultimately decide the order of issuance according to the approval process. In response to the news, CIFI’s official reply stated that it was indeed the first batch of demonstration private enterprises to receive regulatory guidance. The financing issuance is currently in the preparatory process. After the necessary procedures are completed, the information will be disclosed in the form of announcements.

5. Shenzhen Venture Capital plans to issue 1.5 billion corporate bonds to repay interest-bearing debt

On May 20, Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the public issuance of corporate bonds (first tranche) to professional investors in 2022. It is reported that the amount of bonds to be issued in this issue does not exceed RMB 1.5 billion (including RMB 1.5 billion), referred to as “22 Venture Capital 01”. %-4.00%. After deducting the issuance expenses, the funds raised from the bonds are intended to be used to repay the interest-bearing debts of the company’s headquarters and subsidiaries and other purposes permitted by laws and regulations.

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6. Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia: It is proposed to adjust the provident fund loan amount to a maximum of 800,000 yuan for the first home

On May 19, according to the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the bureau recently solicited public opinions on the “Several Opinions of the Office of the People’s Government of Chifeng City on Further Optimizing the Business Environment to Stimulate the Vitality of Market Entities to Meet the Reasonable Housing Demands of the Masses” The “Opinions” propose to guide financial institutions in the red to increase the issuance of personal housing mortgage loans and reduce the interest rate of housing loans. For financial institutions that support development loans and reduce the interest rate of personal mortgage loans, the government should increase financial deposits, fund accounts and other deposits. give priority to support. For all buyers who meet the conditions for using the housing provident fund, the maximum loan for the first housing provident fund is 800,000 yuan, and the maximum loan for the second housing provident fund is 700,000 yuan.

7. The down payment ratio for a second home in Shijiazhuang is reduced to 30%

On May 19, it was reported that Shijiazhuang relaxed the down payment ratio, and the down payment ratio for the first home was reduced to 20%. In this regard, the reporter verified with the local real estate trading center, and the staff of the real estate trading center said that it has indeed dropped. At present, Shijiazhuang implements a down payment ratio of 20% for the first set and 30% for the second set. Before the first set is 30%, the second set is 60%.

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8. Yinchuan: The down payment ratio is reduced, and the number of houses purchased and the subject are not subject to household registration restrictions

According to news on May 19, 6 departments of Yinchuan City recently jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Virtuous Cycle and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Industry in Yinchuan”. limit.There are no restrictions on the transfer period of commercial housing sales contracts signed in Yinchuan; the minimum down payment ratio for individuals purchasing a first home through commercial bank and provident fund loans is lowered to 20%, and the minimum down payment ratio for a second home is lowered to 30%; Families who have paid off their home purchase loans and apply for commercial personal home loans again in order to improve their living conditions shall implement the first home loan policy

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