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Put the earphones into the watch Huawei releases the magnetic suction WATCH Buds

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Put the earphones into the watch Huawei releases the magnetic suction WATCH Buds

According to Weibo news, on December 9, Huawei launched a new wrist product with a combination of creative design and functions, Huawei WATCH Buds—-the industry’s first flip-cover magnetic suction earphone watch. As a new type of smart watch with built-in earphones, Huawei WATCH Buds adopts a highly integrated overall architecture design, breaking the boundary between TWS earphones and smart watches, combining the features and functions of both, combining TWS earphones and smart watches one.

Huawei stated that the advent of WATCH Buds not only solves the problems of users who are easy to forget and lose when using TWS earphones daily, but also brings a convenient and light smart experience. It is also another in-depth exploration of Huawei in smart wearable products, which can be said to be ” A square inch of heaven and earth, there is a universe inside”, “turning over” a new chapter in smart wearable products.

Highly integrated overall architecture design

Mobile phones, TWS earphones and smart watches have gradually become the “three-piece mobile set” of many users. Starting from the user experience, Huawei uses highly integrated design, customized miniaturized precision devices, and advanced manufacturing technology to create the industry’s first Huawei WATCH Buds, a magnetic headphone watch with a pop-up cover, brings a new and convenient experience.

The watch body of HUAWEI WATCH Buds is made of stainless steel, which has high hardness and corrosion resistance. On the watch body, there are 710 classic Paris studs embellished on the drill-cut cover key and the crown, and the strap is made of first-layer calfskin.

The highly integrated overall architecture design allows Huawei WATCH Buds to fit more components in a limited space. The body thickness of Huawei WATCH Buds is only 14.99mm, and it is stuffed with a three-dimensional stack of up to 21 layers, including eight-channel photoelectric sensors, precision shaft modules, earphone charging units, cover-opening magnetic suction units, cover-opening key modules, etc. Also embedded is a pair of wireless earphones. In terms of material, it adopts thinner high-strength lithium-aluminum-silicate glass, which is thinner than WATCH GT3, and its strength is increased by 25%.

The highly integrated design is also reflected in the built-in wireless earphones. The built-in earphones of Huawei WATCH Buds use custom miniaturized precision components, and six units are built in an extremely limited space. Compared with the traditional TWS earphones, the overall volume is reduced by 50%. The rate has reached 90%, and the net weight of a single earphone is only about 4g.

In terms of technology, the whole machine uses precise laser welding interconnection technology in more than 20 places, and directly uses appearance materials as welding materials to improve space utilization, connection reliability and product aesthetics.

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As a new watch with its own earphones, Huawei WATCH Buds has an innovative pop-up design, and the two earphones are attached to the watch cover. In order to ensure an excellent product experience, Huawei WATCH Buds adopts an ultra-miniature precision shaft, and the shaft is smoothly opened and closed through the concave-convex wheel design, and has passed 100,000 times of opening and closing, 5kg force and other harsh tests.

In order to ensure that the earphones are easy to take, Huawei WATCH Buds adopts an innovative magnetic concentration array solution on the earphones and the watch cover. After opening the upper cover, the earphones are adsorbed on the upper side of the watch cover, and there is no need to “stretch hard”, making it easy to pick and place. In addition, the earphones are charged when they are returned to the box, and there are two 360-degree surrounding platinum star rings on the surface of the earphones, which support charging at any angle. After the phone is put back into the earphone compartment, the new exclusive dial of Huawei WATCH Buds can display the in-position status of the earphones and the power status.

Full-featured TWS earphones, support adaptive recognition of left and right ears

Traditional TWS earphones distinguish between left and right in terms of shape design. When putting the earphones back into the case, they need to be adjusted and placed according to the fixed left and right positions of the case. Users must also wear headphones in strict accordance with “left is left, right is right”.

The built-in wireless earphones of Huawei WATCH Buds directly break the tradition of distinguishing the left and right of the previous TWS earphones. The two earphones adopt the octagonal cylindrical design of the same shape, which supports reset in the box and adaptive recognition of the left and right earphones. You can do whatever you want, put both ears back into the box, and close the cover to reset the left and right channels of the earphones.

When wearing headphones, HUAWEI WATCH Buds supports the adaptive recognition technology of left and right headphones. The acceleration angular velocity of the user’s action is recognized through the IMU device, which can identify whether the headphones are worn backwards. If they are worn backwards, the headphones will intelligently correct the left and right channels. , the convenience is self-evident. In addition, for each user’s different ear canal structure, Huawei WATCH Buds earphones are also equipped with ear canal adaptive technology. The in-ear microphone picks up the sound signal changes in the ear canal in real time, and intelligently adapts the best sound quality in real time for different ear canal structures.

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In addition to the adaptive recognition technology of the left and right earphones, the earphones of Huawei WATCH Buds also support the wide-area auricle touch function. The earphones, auricles, or the cheek area close to the tragus can be controlled, with a wider range and more accurate recognition. Double-click to answer and hang up the phone, play/pause music, triple-click to switch on and off the noise reduction function, and also supports user-defined operation. Various functions can be reached by tapping the ear.

In terms of sound quality, Huawei WATCH Buds earphones are equipped with a full-band micro-panel unit with a four-magnetic structure, and a custom-made composite diaphragm, which has full-frequency response capabilities, improves low-frequency effects and high-frequency performance, and allows users to hear rich sound details. In addition, Huawei WATCH Buds earphones also support triple real-time hearing optimization function, which optimizes the listening effect in real time according to the structure difference of the ear canal, wearing status and volume level.

In addition to music, calling is also one of the most important functions of headphones. The earphones of Huawei WATCH Buds support AI noise reduction function. The earphones are equipped with two pickup microphones and a bone conduction sensor that work together to accurately separate human voice and environmental noise, and then process it through a deep neural network call noise reduction algorithm. It can effectively cancel noise and enhance human voice, bringing clear call effect.

Continue to focus on sports and health

As a new smart watch with its own earphones, in addition to having full-featured TWS earphones, the functions and experience of Huawei WATCH Buds on the watch side are still excellent.

In terms of health functions, Huawei WATCH Buds supports multiple health monitoring functions such as automatic blood oxygen saturation detection, TruSeen™ 5.0+ heart rate monitoring, and TruSleep™ 3.0 sleep monitoring. (TruSleep 3.0 function will be supported through OTA upgrade later)

Huawei WATCH Buds can not only accurately detect various health data, but also give professional health guidance. Huawei has joined the heart health research and sleep apnea research initiated by the 301 Hospital, and cooperates with Huawei WATCH Buds to finely classify and screen arrhythmia risks such as atrial fibrillation, premature ventricular and premature atrial, and intelligently identify sleep, HRV, blood oxygen, Heart rate and other information to screen for the risk of sleep apnea.

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In terms of sports function, Huawei WATCH Buds inherits the excellent sports genes of Huawei Smart Wear, and has 80+ sports modes including 10 professional sports modes. In addition, Huawei WATCH Buds can also manually add 70+ sports types (non-wading sports), provide users with professional data analysis and sports incentive system, improve training quality and develop good sports habits.

As a smart wearable device, Huawei WATCH Buds has a wealth of application scenarios. With the support of HarmonyOS 3, it can obtain a wealth of applications from the Huawei Watch Application Market, covering life travel, game entertainment, efficiency improvement, and sports health, covering all aspects of user life. .

Huawei WATCH Buds support full-featured NFC, support access control cards, traffic cards and other functions. In terms of communication, HUAWEI WATCH Buds can synchronize phone calls and text messages on mobile phones, and support quick reply to text messages. At the same time, it also supports the WeChat watch version. The watch can view text and picture messages, listen to and send voice messages, and quickly reply to messages.

In terms of battery life, the Huawei WATCH Buds watch battery still maintains a good battery life when it supplies power to the watch body and earphones at the same time. The battery life of the whole machine is 3 days in a typical application scenario, and the battery life of this mode can be as long as 7 days when the power saving mode is turned on (turn off the watch to charge the earphone).

In addition, the wireless super fast charging base of Huawei WATCH Buds is made of high thermal conductivity oxide ceramic material for the first time. The heat dissipation capacity is 100% higher than that of the previous generation, and the charging is faster.

In terms of price, Huawei WATCH Buds is priced at 2,988 yuan and will be officially launched on December 9. In addition, Huawei has also launched a number of value-added services. For Huawei WATCH Buds smart wearables, it has launched an accidental service treasure (including worry-free loss of earphones). For out-of-warranty failures caused by liquid ingress, you can enjoy a one-time repair service with a service fee of only 69 yuan, and a 50% discount on the purchase of spare parts for a single earphone.

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