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Putin announces a partial military mobilization in Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a partial military mobilization in Russia, placing the country’s people and economy on a war footing while Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine continues. In a rare pre-recorded television announcement, Putin said the West “wants to destroy our country” claiming that it has tried to “turn the Ukrainian people into meat for slaughter,” repeating earlier claims in which he blamed Western nations for starting a proxy war against Russia.

Putin said “mobilization events” begin today, without giving further details, other than that he has ordered an increase in funds to boost Russia’s arms production, having committed (and lost) a large amount of armaments during the conflict. started in late February. Partial mobilization is a vague concept, but it could mean that Russian businesses and citizens will have to contribute more to the war effort. Russia has not yet declared war on Ukraine, despite invading it in February, and calls its invasion a “special military operation”.

The Kremlin president also confirmed that military reservists will be recalled to active duty. “I repeat that we are talking about a partial mobilization, that is, only the citizens who are currently in the reserve will be subject to enlistment, and above all those who have served in the armed forces have a certain military specialization and relevant experience”.

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