Home Business Putin effect with nuclear threat: Moscow stock exchange crash down to -10%, in one year the MOEX index has halved its value

Putin effect with nuclear threat: Moscow stock exchange crash down to -10%, in one year the MOEX index has halved its value

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Putin effect with nuclear threat: Moscow stock exchange crash down to -10%, in one year the MOEX index has halved its value

The collapse of the Moscow stock exchange made an encore today, Wednesday 21 September, after the speech delivered by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Putin further waved the hatchet against Ukraine, announcing that he had ordered the first mobilization (which will be partial) in Russia since the Second World War, recalling the military of the reserve: 300,000 should be the recalled reservists. The conscripts are excluded, according to the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, according to what reported by the Tass agency.

Shoigu added that the goal of partial mobilization is to “Control the liberated territories” in Ukraine.

With his speech Vladimir Putin warned the West of be ready to use nuclear weapons, stressing that those who are trying to use nuclear blackmail against Russia will find that the cards on the table can be reversed.

Putin’s words, who added that the territories of Ukraine that announced the referendum to join Russia have the “support” of the Kremlin, sparked sales on the Moscow exchange: l’indice Moscow Stock Exchange (indice MOEX) plummeted to -10%, reporting heavy losses for the second consecutive session.

On the forex market, the pound and the euro weakened, discounting investors’ rush to the US dollar, which benefits from its safe-haven nature.

The Dollar Index fluctuates at the highest values ​​of the last 20 years.

The euro sells at about 12.35 Italian time almost half a percentage point, below par with the US dollar, around 0.9922.


Putin announces partial mobilization and renews nuclear threat. Leap of dollar and oil

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Yesterday, the MOEX had already collapsed by 9%, suffering the loudest thud since the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, discounting the news relating to the referendums that will be held in some territories of Ukraine under the control of Moscow to annex to Russia. Referendum that the international community has branded as “shameful”.

1 reference by annexation to the Russian Federation, announced by the pro-Russian authorities, will be held in the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, in the Kherson region and in part of the Zaporizhzhia province.

In addition to the thud of the Moscow stock exchange, the reference price of European gas jumped up to + 8% after Putin’s wordssettling at € 210 per megawatt hour.

Putin effect, Moscow stock exchange halves its value in one year

Returning to the Moscow Stock Exchange, in the past year the value of the MOEX has practically halved, paying for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24th.

The index fluctuates just above the 2,000 mark, compared to about 4,000 points last year. Putin, who said he was not bluffing, accused the West of starting a war against Russia in Ukraine in 2014.

The West has been accused of planning the destruction of Russia. “With its aggressive policy against Russia, the West has gone beyond all limits,” Putin thundered in his speech.

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