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[Qin Peng Live]The boycott is invalid! Nike’s financial report far exceeds expectations | Patient Zero | Nike | CCP internal documents

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[Epoch Times June 26, 2021]Hello, everyone, it’s 6:30 pm on June 25th, Eastern Time, June 26th, Beijing Time. Welcome to talk about current affairs every day, I’m Qin Peng; I’m Iris.

Today’s focus: Boycott is invalid! Nike’s earnings report far exceeded expectations; the CEO was not pleased with a word; surprising coincidence? The latest study “Patient Zero” appeared on November 17, 2019, which is consistent with the CCP’s internal records!

After being boycotted by the “Xinjiang Cotton Incident”, Nike’s performance released on June 25 surprised the market, and the stock rose 15% in one day. However, the CEO’s words were not pleased by both sides, and some people in China and overseas shouted “Boycott Nike”!

The latest study in the United Kingdom found that the first case appeared in China from October to mid-November 2019, most likely to appear on November 17, 2019, and then spread to the world in January. However, this time is actually consistent with the internal records of the Chinese government previously reported by the media. Is this coincidence or providence?

The boycott is invalid?Nike China’s performance skyrocketed

Iris: On June 25th, the world-renowned sportswear brand Nike Group (NYSE: NKE) released its fiscal 2021 fourth quarter and full year performance report. Nike’s business is better than before the plague, and the performance of the Chinese market has also increased significantly. This shows that the Chinese Communist Party’s boycott has not had much impact on Nike.

The financial report shows that as of May 31, Nike’s global fourth-quarter revenue rose 96% to 12.34 billion US dollars from 6.31 billion US dollars in the same period of the previous fiscal year, far exceeding market expectations of 11 billion US dollars. Net profit increased by 291% from -790 million US dollars to 1.51 billion US dollars. Nike’s annual revenue increased by 19% year-on-year to US$44.54 billion, and net profit increased by 126% to US$5.727 billion. At present, Nike’s performance level has surpassed the level of the same period before the epidemic.

Qin Peng: The performance of the Chinese market has also exceeded expectations. The Group’s performance in Greater China has achieved double-digit growth for 7 consecutive years. In the 2021 fiscal year, sales revenue in Greater China was US$8.29 billion (approximately 53.5 billion yuan), a year-on-year increase of 24% over the previous fiscal year. Excluding exchange rate effects, it increased by 19%.

Iris: Affected by this performance that far exceeded market expectations, Nike’s stock also rose sharply. At the close, the stock price was $153.84, which was nearly 15% higher than the previous day.

The “Wall Street Journal” report is very interesting, the title is “Nike has a very good life without China, so far.”

Qin Peng: Yes, we know that in March this year, the 27 EU countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada jointly launched sanctions against the CCP’s construction of concentration camps in Xinjiang and the persecution of Uighur minorities, while the CCP used H&M, Brands such as Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo have boycotted the Xinjiang blood and tear cotton as an excuse to boycott Nike and others.

US investment research agency Morningstar reported that in April Nike’s Tmall flagship store sales fell 59% compared to the same period last year. However, from the current financial report, in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2021, Nike Greater China will still grow by 17% over the same period of the previous fiscal year.

Iris: From now on, the Chinese boycott against Nike this time is still like a gust of wind. It blew past and passed. In fact, it did not cause much damage to Nike. From June 1st to June 20th, Nike ranked first on the Tmall sports outdoor brand sales ranking list.

Nike’s Chief Financial Officer Matt Friend told the media: “The Group’s performance in April was affected by the dynamics of the Chinese market, but the company adjusted its operating strategy and suspended marketing activities and product launches. Performance ushered in a recovery and improvement in May. Performance continues to improve, and the current retail level is close to the same period last year.”

Qin Peng: This round of boycott basically lasted less than 2 months. In fact, it was obvious at that time. On the one hand, on March 26, Nike’s sales on the e-commerce platform that had not been removed from the store “only increased”, and even was snatched by seconds; there were still many people queuing in H&M stores.

On March 26, the “SecKill” APP, which covers all e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com, launched a rush to buy Nike women’s shoes at 8 o’clock that night. Before the start of the rush, there were already 337,000 appointments, and another 10,000 people were added to rush to buy at the last minute. When the time came, all the inventory was sold out in almost one second.

Iris: On March 25, a Weibo user “Elisabeth Bone” posted a set of trading data graphs of Nike shoes on the “Dewu” app, saying, “I just looked at it. Nike sells super fiercely. , The trading volume only increases, and someone refreshes the trading interface every minute.”

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At that time, someone left a message saying, “Laughing to death, this is the Internet boycott.” “There are several people in my circle of friends who are caring, looking forward to Nike’s discounts. Look at the patriotism on Weibo. Offline is really hard to say.” Stars, but I should buy them. I think it’s hard.”

Qin Peng: Well, at that time, in addition to Wanmin’s panic buying, there was actually another major event that showed that this boycott farce would inevitably fail. Although many netizens strongly demanded the termination of Nike’s contract, the two giants of Chinese sports-the Chinese Basketball Association and the Chinese Football Association. , Have been silent.

Netizens found that Nike has long-term sponsorship of China‘s sports arena, which can be described as sitting on half of the country. Take football as an example. In 2018, Nike renewed its contract with the Chinese Football Super League for 10 years, with cash plus product sponsorship amounting to RMB 3 billion (approximately US$450 million); the Chinese national football team also signed a contract with Nike in 2015 A 12-year contract of 1 billion yuan (approximately US$150 million).

Most of China‘s popular professional basketball and professional football stars also endorse Nike.

Iris: An interesting thing happened at the time. The Football Association didn’t do anything about it. On the morning of March 27, the official Weibo of the “Football News” once stated that since the Xinjiang cotton incident broke out, the Chinese Football Association and the professional league preparatory group have paid great attention to the matter and urgently held an internal meeting on the matter. Expressed condemnation for his wrongdoing. The report said that for Nike’s wrongdoing, whether it is the Chinese Football Association or the professional league preparatory group, it will retain the right to further deal with the contract with Nike.

After this Weibo report was released, some patriotic netizens were very excited, thinking that the Chinese Football Association and Nike were not far off the contract, and they pointed the finger at the Chinese Basketball Association. Many people were waiting for the basketball association chairman Yao Ming to express their views.

Unexpectedly, the official Weibo of “Football News” quietly withdrew the report soon. Later, the Football Association, Basketball Association, and the General Administration of Sports of the Communist Party of China all adopted a posture of deaf and dumb. This matter just passed quietly.

Qin Peng: Well, CBA stars such as Jianlian, Guo Ailun, Fang Shuo, Wang Zhelin, Zhang Zhenlin are also silent. As long as these official institutions and celebrities of the CCP refuse to formally participate in the boycott, this farce will definitely not go on. I analyzed at that time, in fact, not only is the influence of Nike and other brands far beyond that of domestic sportswear brands, but Nike has given a lot of money to these official associations and celebrities, but also because of the fact that Nike’s clothing and shoes, etc. There are a lot of high-tech content, and the comfort of wearing and the protection and assistance to the body during exercise are not easily surpassed by domestic brands.

Iris: In other words, the State Sports General Administration is not only looking at the face of money, but also worrying about losing one of the best assistants in international competitions.

Qin Peng: In addition, Nike also has a lot of sports resources and has advantages in arranging warm-ups. Chinese domestic manufacturers do not have this advantage.

Iris: There was still a farce at the time. In the pictures of the preparations for the preparations of the Chinese Super League clubs, some teams blocked the Nike “hook” logo on the jerseys, some pasted the Nike LOGO on the jerseys, and some were post-processing and PS editing. , Replace the hook logo.

Qin Peng: There are also many TV stations that also conceal their ears and steal the bells, marking the logos of these big sports brands.

On the whole, this tide of boycott in mainland China caused by the Xinjiang cotton incident is basically over. Nike predicts that the annual growth rate in China will remain at about 15% in the next few years.

Nike CEO’s speech provokes discussion

Iris: However, although Nike’s performance may make some little pink sad, today the Nike CEO still made a big story, which made some netizens in overseas and mainland China dissatisfied.

After the earnings report was released today, during a conference call with analysts and reporters, CEO John Donahoe said in response to questions about Chinese brand competition, “Nike is a Chinese company that belongs to China and serves China. Brand”. (Nike is a brand that is of China and for China.)

This makes many netizens dissatisfied. For example, some netizens said in the BBC report:

I think this brand is born for sports and exists for sports. (I thoughts that this brand was “of sports and for sports”.)

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This great Nike supports a dictatorship that has huge human rights issues and brought the new crown virus to the world. I will never buy Nike products again. (Thats great Nike supports a dictatorship with huge human rights issues and gifted the world COVID, I for one wont buy Nike products.)

This is surprising. I will never buy Nike again. (This is shocking. i will never buy any nike products.)

Of course, Nike is a Chinese-owned brand that exists for China. They want to keep their sweatshops and get cheap labor. It’s time you abandon this brand @WashingtonNFL (Of course @Nike is “of China and for China”, They want to keep their sweat shops for cheap labor. Time you ditched the brand @WashingtonNFL)

“Just do it” means closing your eyes to genocide, oppression, and selling as many goods as possible. Nike will not be my first choice. (“Just do it” means just close eyes about genocide, oppression and sell the goods as many as they can now. Nike won’t be my first choice.)

Qin Peng: In mainland China, many people expressed helplessness to Nike’s latest and excellent financial report data, and a very small number of people cheered Nike’s CEO’s words, and some people took advantage of the trend to boycott it.

For example, some netizens said:

Because at the time of the incident, the leader said that Nike could not be boycotted.

The country doesn’t ban Nike, why can’t the people buy it? If you want to buy it, buy it. Why didn’t the country take the lead in blocking Nike for this kind of thing? Why do ordinary people rush to the front and not buy Nike? When the common people are the Boxers of the Qing Dynasty?

Five sheepskins of Bailixi: Shame! @新华社 Official media don’t let this fart.

The Chinese Red Guards are a joke to boycott a new high $Nike NKE$

Iris: What you said is a type of netizen, and some of them look like little pink.

Some say: If it weren’t for China‘s resistance to Nike, the Nike CEO wouldn’t be able to change his mind, right?

Qin Peng: Nike CEO’s words are also boring, but I saw a set of data today. Although Nike China‘s market sales account for only one-sixth of the world‘s total, from a profit perspective, it accounts for half of the country.

Iris: The sway of many large multinational corporations on human rights and the market sometimes led to the arrogance of the CCP.

Qin Peng: Yes.

The first patient appeared on November 17, 2019?Consistent with internal CCP documents

Qin Peng: Now that the source of the virus is getting more and more intense, the whole world wants to figure out: Where did this virus come from? Laboratory or nature? A recent study yesterday provided important clues to an equally critical question: When did the real “patient zero” appear?

Iris: Yes, today, we are here to explore another factor in uncovering the virus mystery, besides location: time. A new study released on Friday showed that the virus may have spread in China as early as October 2019, two months earlier than the “first case” officially claimed by the Chinese Communist Party.

And this is not the most amazing. According to the study, the most likely first case occurred on November 17, 2019. This is actually the same as an official secret CCP document revealed by the South China Morning Post in March last year. What exactly does this mean? Let’s take a closer look for everyone.

Let me first talk about this recent research. On June 24, the journal “PLOS Pathogens” (PLOS Pathogens) published a paper showing that researchers at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom used database and data set comparison methods to calculate China’s first Infection cases may appear on October 4th[the earliest]. The most likely[time period]for this “patient zero” is mid-November, and they even inferred a specific date, which is November 17.

Speaking of this, friends in the audience may have asked, this can be calculated even for several months and days, maybe this is “pinching fingers and counting”, right? Teacher Qin Peng, can you give us a brief introduction to their research methods?

Qin Peng: Haha, of course. Their methods are sophisticated. According to media reports, these researchers used the “Optimal Linear Estimation Algorithm” (OLE for short), which is a mathematical model in the field of environmental/species conservation science and is generally used to estimate the date of extinction of species. But in fact, this model has a wide range of applications and can be used in archaeology, studying periodic biological events, and so on. The research team at the University of Kent used this model to analyze the spread of the virus to more than 200 countries before May 2020 to infer the time point of the virus’s origin.

Of course, this method only provides an approximate time, not a final word. But they also said that this does provide a valuable perspective for everyone to understand the possibility of the virus spreading unconsciously in the world.

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That’s right, this study even detailed the possible time for the virus to spread to other countries: January 3 to Japan, then January 7 to Thailand, January 12 to Spain, and January 14 to South Korea. Then, on January 16, it spread to the United States.

So the content is really heavy. Western media, such as Reuters and Fox News, have also reported on this research, pointing out that the earliest cases appeared, indeed, it is indeed likely to be much earlier than the Chinese Communist Party’s official claims.

Qin Peng: When reporting this paper, many mainstream media said that the earliest cases officially announced by the CCP appeared on December 8, 2019.

Now, British scientists have studied another method to advance this time even earlier, so the outside world believes that this is an amazing progress.

Iris: So here, there may be audience friends asking again, maybe the CCP doesn’t know it? How do you know that it is deliberately concealing the knowledge and not reporting, not that it is also very innocent, and “understands and realizes” with the world? Teacher Qin Peng, what do you think?

Qin Peng: Iris asked a very critical question, which also led us to our next key point: the important point of this research is that it actually matches the time of the CCP. of.

According to a paper published by Huang Chaolin, vice president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital and others in The Lancet on January 24, 2020, there is another case of onset on December 1, 2019. According to the time difference between onset and infection, then this case is infected. It should be the end of November 2019. More importantly, this patient is a patient with cerebral infarction in his 70s who is sick at home. In other words, the earlier infection of this patient and the people who infected this patient have been pushed to November 2019 from the perspective of time.

In March 2020, the Hong Kong media “South China Morning Post” once exclusively disclosed a non-public official document of the CCP. As early as November 17, 2019, a 55-year-old resident in Hubei Province was diagnosed with the new coronavirus. . This pushes the time even earlier.

Iris: Help everyone knock on the blackboard and draw the key points: November 17th.

Qin Peng: That’s right. “South China Morning Post” we know that it was acquired by Jack Ma. There are many official resources from the mainland, and there are often some exclusive reports on the mainland.

The South China article reported that according to a confidential document, the Chinese Communist government had learned of the new coronavirus disease as early as November 2019, and confirmed that at least 266 people have been infected, and these people have been affected by the authorities. isolation. Since that day, about 1 to 5 new cases will be added every day. As of December 20, the number of confirmed cases had reached 60. As of January 1, 2020, the number of confirmed cases known to the CCP authorities has actually reached 381. But until January 11, the Wuhan Municipal Health Department still claimed that there were only 41 confirmed cases.

The report by the South China Morning Post is based on information from the Chinese Communist government, but it did not disclose where it came from. The “Nan Morning” report concluded that according to the statements of a group of doctors, it seems that the medical circle in Wuhan knew about the disease at the end of December 2019, and collected many specimens of suspected cases. However, these valuable initial case data could not be confirmed due to the obstruction of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which delayed the clinical findings of the doctors. And the CDC also ordered that no information about what was called “Wuhan Pneumonia” at the time should be disclosed to the public.

Qin Peng: It can be seen from this that the CCP is not aware of hindsight, on the contrary, it is “early awareness and early wakefulness.” The significance of the pairing of these two time points, in addition to advancing the earliest internal record of the CCP, has another significance, which also shows that the CCP is deliberately covering up the news of the epidemic.

Yesterday, we also mentioned that the Wall Street Journal reported that in June last year Chinese scientists asked the National Institutes of Health NIH to delete the 241 gene sequencing data they submitted to the NIH in March. We invited Swiss virus experts. Dr. Dong Yuhong analyzed that the data they submitted for the detection of some patients in January-February 2020 showed that the virus belonged to the grandfathers, which is different from the grandchildren of the South China Seafood Market. This also shows that the CCP is covering up.

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