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Questions about the progress of the listing of products under research Haihe Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Innovation Board IPO was rejected_Company

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Original title: The sea of ​​doubts about the progress of the listing of the product under research and the IPO of the drug science and technology innovation board was rejected

Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network News (Reporter Qi Doudou) On the evening of September 17, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Stock Exchange that Haihe Pharmaceutical’s IPO will be rejected. According to the announcement of the listing committee of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Haihe Pharmaceutical does not meet the issuance conditions, listing conditions and information disclosure requirements.

It is understood that Shanghai Haihe Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd. (“Haihe Pharmaceutical” for short) is an independent and innovative biotechnology company focusing on the discovery, development, production and commercialization of innovative anti-tumor drugs. As of June 30, 2021, of the 8 compounds that the company is currently focusing on in the anti-tumor field, 7 compounds are in the clinical research phase and 1 compound is in the preclinical research phase. The company plans to raise 3.15 billion yuan. Since the company has not yet commercialized its products and is still in an unprofitable state, it chose the fifth set of listing criteria this time.

On February 3 this year, the company’s IPO on the Science and Technology Innovation Board was accepted. Before this meeting, the company had gone through two rounds of inquiries, and the IPO progress was relatively smooth. So, what hindered the pace of the company’s IPO? The reporter found from the on-site inquiry of the Listing Committee that issues such as the progress of products under research and the product development model have been focused on by the Listing Committee, which has become the key to restraining the company’s IPO.

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Among them, the Listing Committee requires the company to compare the latest clinical trial results of the relevant indications of core products such as oral paclitaxel (RMX3001), AL3810, SCC244, etc., and explain the development strategies, indications, and expansion directions of combination drugs at home and abroad, and product registration for these products at home and abroad. Path and estimated timetable. At the same time, in combination with the latest results of the same product or competing products in foreign clinical trials and marketing approvals, it explains whether the issuer has fully estimated and accurately disclosed the clinical trials and marketing approval risks of the above-mentioned core products. The sponsor representative is requested to express a clear opinion.Return to Sohu to see more


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