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Race for scooters, market up 42.52% in November

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Race for scooters, market up 42.52% in November

Another positive month for the two-wheeler industry. After the solid +26% in October, the motorized two-wheeler market continues to grow even in November. Monthly registrations of mopeds, scooters and motorbikes in fact mark another double-digit increase and fly by +35% over the same period last year.

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The numbers

In the press release released by Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories), the president of the manufacturers’ association Paolo Magri reiterated that “the availability of the product finally allows us to measure the real specific weight of the market”. “The future is not free from uncertainties – added Magri – but faced with a substantial overcoming of supply problems, today’s numbers concretely describe the central role of two-wheelers in the mobility market and in the one more linked to I use it for passion”. The two-wheeler market in November grew by more than a third (35.12%) compared to 2021, reaching 16,476 vehicles sold. Scooters are the driving force, which for the second consecutive month show a double-digit increase (+42.52%), corresponding to 8,692 registered vehicles. Motorcycles follow with a growth of 30.75% and 6,403 registered vehicles; mopeds are also in positive territory, with an increase of 15.28%, equal to 1,381 units placed on the market.

Parity is back on 2021

The positive balance of the last two months allows the total market to consolidate parity with the previous year: +0.85% and 282,593 registered vehicles. Scooters also recovered a few percentage points, which however remain negative, with a drop of 5.3% and 139,338 units registered. The motorcycle license plate market instead 122,966 vehicles and grows by 6.48%; the annual cumulative number of mopeds is in line with the monthly data, with a growth of 15.37%, equal to 20,289 units. Vigorous growth also for the electricity market in November, driven by the availability of state incentives: 1,503 units sold, corresponding to an increase of 83.29%. As regards the annual cumulative, the market exceeds the quota of 15,000 units, with 15,739 vehicles sold and an increase of 58.6%. Scooters cover two-thirds of the electricity market, with 9,416 units registered and a growth of 62.93%.

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