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Radio beats Covid: ratings up 3.8% to 34.5 million

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The radio archives the Covid crisis: in the second half of last year the average daily listeners were 34.5 million. It is when the RadioTER data emerges, the official survey on listening to Italian radios. The comparison of the data was carried out on the previous half-year because “the particular variability of the recent historical phase, due to the continuous changes in the conditions of mobility and aggregation, makes comparisons with previous periods of little significance”.

In this context, the results of the Gedi Group radios were particularly positive. Radio Deejay grew by 5% reaching 4.85 million listeners on an average day (the overall market grew by 3.8%) and 457 thousand in the AQH (+ 2%), “a performance achieved moreover in a period in which the radio was unable to express its great strength in the realization of musical and sporting events, which have always been very popular with the public ». To the ratings are also added the results of the social world with about 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 2.2 million on Facebook and 2.2 million on Twitter.

Radio Capital also did well with 1.5 million listeners on an average day (+ 10.6%) and 136 thousand in the AQH (+ 12.4%): «very positive results after the important artistic restyling that took place in the midst of a health emergency. An appreciation recognized for the more contemporary cut, the new female leadership in the morning, the impartial, fast, transversal information and the guarantee of the highest quality music ». M2o reached 1.65 million listeners on an average day (+ 11.4%) and 129 thousand in AQH (+ 18.3%).

“All three of our radios close 2021 with more than positive numbers, testifying to the solidity and quality of the overall product” says Linus, Radio GEDI editorial director and Artistic Director of Radio Deejay and Radio Capital, who then adds: “Nello Specifically, Radio Deejay consolidates its audience ratings and loyalty despite the fact that for the second consecutive year the health emergency has almost completely eliminated a fundamental asset such as events in the area. Capital data is excellent, and in the new format it seems to have found the right balance between music and information ».

Albertino, artistic director of M2o was also satisfied: «Despite the obvious difficulties that we all had to face also in the second half of 2021, M2o confirms itself as an absolute reference point for those who love music and new trends. The exponential growth in the numbers of our social networks is rewarding the digital approach to the broadcaster’s content, original, credible, told from a unique point of view. We work with passion and enthusiasm, convinced that the recovery will be comparable to a new golden age. I’m sure post-pandemic people will want, need and need to get together to listen and dance to their favorite music together. We at m2o are here, ready as never before to become the soundtrack of this new renaissance ».

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