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Rally Città di Modena: all ready for the final challenge

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Everything is ready to host the rich list of protagonists who will be present on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October at the 41st Rally Città di Modena.
A very hard-fought final is expected to close the rich season of the 44 races of the Zone Rally Cup. The top three finishers of the nine areas into which the Peninsula has been divided are expected to start from Maranello, who will compete along the 7 special stages scheduled, for a total of 76.55 timed km.

The grand finale

A long season that saw several twists but in the end the names of those who, partly for talent and partly for luck, classified for the Modena final were decreed.
From the race will come out the best for each of the 47 classes in the race and the Absolute, Under 25, two-wheel drive, Over55, female, Scuderie, Regional Delegation Team and best Trainer / Charterer categories. Side by side the participants in the penultimate round of the GR Yaris Rally Cup and the closing of the Suzuki Rally Cup. In addition to N5, Peugeot and R Italian Trophy. Decisive challenges also for the trophies specially designed by tire manufacturers within the crz: the Trofeo Pirelli Accademia and the Michelin Zone Rally Cup. The Federation together with the manufacturers involved in the trophies and Sparco, partner of the rally, have provided a rich prize money for all of them.

Crews and course

484 drivers and navigators will be present at the Modena event who will be able to take part in 242 cars of all categories. About 100 motorhomes are expected at the service park located in Ubersetto. In addition, the city of Maranello is already ready to welcome over 3500 professionals including sports directors, engineers, mechanics and tire workers.
The program includes the departure and the development of the Ps Barighelli 10.57 km on Saturday. But the real challenge will be on Sunday with the six scheduled tests: three to be repeated twice. After a 15-minute service park, off to the first timed practice loop starting from the Ospitaletto at 11.98 km, then passing on the Barighelli 10.57 km and ending with the San Pellegrinetto 10.44 km. Reorganization in Serramazzoni, assistance in Ubersetto and off again with the second loop that will end with the arrival, scheduled for 5.16 pm for the first car, in Piazza Libertà in Maranello.

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Full TV coverage

For the occasion, the Automobile Club of Modena and Aci Sport have prepared a schedule full of live events, to satisfy the desire for rally of enthusiasts who will be limited in following the race, being a rally behind closed doors.
The images will allow you to watch every moment of the race: from the shakedown, to the start, from the special stages to the final award ceremony. But above all, the three passages of the “Barighelli” test will be followed with a constant live thanks to the presence of numerous cameras on the course. In addition, the special stage “Ospitaletto”, filmed by Aci Sport cameras, in addition to the two passages on “San Pellegrinetto” by Rally Dreamer TV. All visible on Sky satellite channel 228 and on the Web also from mobile from the site, on the social network from the official Facebook pages of Aci Sport, Rally Città di Modena, Aci Modena, Rally Dreamer and linked to the official website of the rally.
In addition, connections and services will be provided on the Modenese television Tvb Studio 85 and in the post-race also on Aci Sport Tv, MS-Sport, Sportitalia and a network of local televisions.

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