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Raoul Bova “betrays” his wife Rocìo. Here’s who the actor’s new flame is

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Raoul Bova “betrays” his wife Rocìo.  Here’s who the actor’s new flame is

Rocío Muñoz Morales and Raoul Bova

Crisis atmosphere between Raoul Bova and Rocìo. Here’s what happened and who his new flame is

Roman actor Raoul Bova And back on TV with Maria Chiara Giannettawith the second season of “Good morning mom!” (series, produced by Rti and Lux ​​Vide), 12 episodes, for six prime time evenings, from 15 February on Canale 5. They return as Guido and Anna, with their unusual family and with new mysteries to solve, but in life real Raoul has a new love.

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Raoul Bova and Rocìo relationship at the end of the line?

Raoul Bova he has had several relationships, has been linked to the actress Romina Mondello in 2000, then, he married Clare Jordan veterinary graduate, with whom he had 2 children in 2000 and 2001. The couple then separated in 2013. On the set of the film “Immaturi. Il viaggio”, the actor met the Spanish model and actress Rocìo Munoz Morales, they have never left each other since. The couple have been together for over 10 years and have two daughters. To make the heart beat Raoul there is another or rather one flaming Mercedes AMG Gt4.

Raoul Bova photo TgCom

As the Tgcom24 website reports, Raoul Bova Often he is paparazzi on board the racing carafter all, he has never hidden his passion for luxury supercars: sporty and flaming at the right point.

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