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Raw Material Costs Rise, Tesla Increasing Prices: Model S and Model X Price Increases by US$5,000-Finance News

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  TeslaIncreased the prices of its Model S and Model X models by $5,000 each.

The price increase is attributed to the “demand” of electric vehicles, because Tesla has updated its Model X models and restarted the necessary production after the epidemic is over. Now it has resumed delivery of the full range of vehicles.

At the previous financial report conference, Tesla mentioned the pressure of rising raw material costs and said that the company is facing the challenge of further increasing profits. Tesla’s two new factories in Berlin, Germany and Texas, USA are mass-produced. May be delayed.

The price of Model X Long-Range has risen from US$99,990 to US$104,990. The price of Model X plaid remains at $119,990.

According to the report, Model S has been suspended for 6 months and has not yet reached “full production.”

The remote price of the cheapest version of Model S has dropped from US$89,990 to US$94,990. Tesla also raised the prices of Model 3 and Model Y by $2,000 a few days ago.

As pointed out many times in the past, as Tesla continues to focus on selling Model 3, Model S/X deliveries have declined in the past few quarters.

Last quarter, Tesla reported that due to the decline in sales of the high-margin Model S and the decline in sales of the Model 3, its ASP is expected to be compressed.

This makes us wonder whether the price increase will also hinder the ordering of Model S, because the company is working hard to continue to use Model 3 as its flagship model.

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The company said that orders for Model S Long-Range are not expected to be shipped until June 2022, which may be another obstacle to potential buyers.

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