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Reading the financial report in 2 minutes

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Within half a month, Weilai had two consecutive fatal accidents involving the auto-driving function of vehicles.

On August 12, Lin Wenqin, the founder of Shangshan Rushui Investment Management Company, died in a traffic accident after driving a Weilai ES8 car to enable the automatic driving function.

And half a month before the accident, Weilai also had a serious car owner fatal accident. On Lingang Avenue in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, a black Weilai EC6 hit an isolated stone pier and the vehicle ignited a raging fire. The owner of the car was unfortunately killed.

Different from the fire-causing accident, the public opinion of the Lin Wenqin accident directly focused on “autonomous driving” and referred to the case as the “first case of autonomous driving” of the new car-building forces.

It is understood that the NIO pilot is an L2 automatic driving assistance system developed by Wei, equipped with the Mobileye Eye Q4 chip. After this function is turned on, the driver can hand over as much vehicle control authority as possible to the vehicle according to driving needs, and can automatically take over driving according to the navigation distance set by the vehicle.

In fact, the current NIO Pilot system of NIO cannot identify ice cream cones and obstacles parked in front of them. According to the police handling the accident, the high-speed road administration vehicle that was rear-end collision was collecting ice cream cones, and the owner used the NOP pilot assist function. Therefore, the core cause of the accident should be the NOP system’s inability to respond to slow, stationary objects ahead. This is also a common problem faced by L2 autonomous driving systems at the current technological level.

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