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Real estate: brick remains a good investment for Italians

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Real estate: brick remains a good investment for Italians

The brick remains at the top of the investment desires of almost half of Italians. This is what emerges from a Prima Assicurazioni survey commissioned to Nielsen according to which 45.8% of respondents believe that real estate investment in a house remains a good investment, because they are convinced that prices will not be able to drop too much and sooner or later they will rise.

22.2% believe that real estate investment is in general an excellent solution, but that in this context it is preferable to take other paths. According to 13.4% of respondents, however, it is more appropriate to wait for the end of this moment of uncertainty before investing, regardless of the final location, while only 7.1% declare that they have always preferred other types of investment compared to the one on the brick. The picture is completed by an 11.5% who do not have a precise opinion. By dividing Italy into four major macro-areas, the Center is the one in which the trend towards real estate investment holds true despite the economic context (for 49.4% of the interviewees). Followed by the North-West, with 44.5%, the North-East, with 41.5%, and finally the South, with 40.9%. Looking at the age groups, among the under 40s, 48.6% of the interviewees are not discouraged by the probable drop in house prices and currently consider a home investment to be a good investment, a percentage that falls between the over 40s and the 44s. , 6%.

“Despite the probable decline in house prices and the increase in the cost of mortgages, trends that could further accelerate due to the context of inflation and the upcoming rate hikes by the ECB, Italians remain tied to the traditional investment in the brick. ‘, probably also because they perceive it as safer in the current economic context of uncertainty “, explains Anna Sanfilippo, Chief Marketing Officer of Prima Assicurazioni, who also stresses that” aware of the importance that Italians attribute to their domestic life, Prima has designed a Home & Family policy that responds, with technology, to the needs of all those who want to protect not only their home, but also their property and loved ones “.

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