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Record results – Swiss and its Swiss virtues – News

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Record results – Swiss and its Swiss virtues – News


It was spooky at the airports during the pandemic. Only those who had to and could got on a plane with a face mask – few flew to chat. There isn’t much of that left today. Flight volumes have almost reached pre-pandemic levels – and the airlines that survived Corona appear to have largely recovered from this shock.

This also applies to Swiss, the airline under the umbrella of the German Lufthansa group. Today it can report record results. The airline made a profit of 718.5 million francs. High ticket prices and cost management helped. The corporate headquarters is pleased about this. The Swiss airline subsidiary is once again the best profit provider within the Lufthansa Group.

It is difficult for the Swiss self-image

A little of this also remains in Switzerland – via the tax base in Zug. The Swiss arm of Lufthansa is based there through the company Air Trust, which owns 100 percent of Swiss and its sister company Edelweiss. And of course, Swiss, with all its jobs and supplier companies, is an important economic factor for Switzerland.

But it is always difficult for the Swiss self-image that so much money flows to Germany. Accordingly, dissatisfaction with the record result is already emerging from various comment columns.

Memories of Corona are awakened

Understandable, because the memories also remain awake when, during the corona pandemic, many customers waited for their money to be refunded for flights that had already been booked and then canceled. Or how the federal government stood by Lufthansa and its Swiss subsidiary at the end of April 2020 and, together with banks, provided a billion-dollar loan to keep the airline in the air during this difficult time with an uncertain outcome.

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Or how the airline dealt with its staff in hush and hot mode, cut too many people, then had to hire them again straight away and still barely manages to provide the capacity at all times.

The premium claim and the problems

Today the Swiss are already dealing with new problems. For example, with the Airbus 320 aircraft, which require repairs and maintenance work due to engine problems. That’s why Swiss has to buy more capacity from Helvetic and Air Baltic in order to be able to stick to its flight schedules. This also causes criticism, because Swiss never tires of emphasizing its premium claim.

And that then – understandably – causes disappointment when passengers often have to sit on a third-party plane if they have booked Swiss. In addition, there is already another change in leadership at Swiss. Dieter Vranckx, who has only been in office for three years, makes a flight to Lufthansa headquarters.

All of these incidents are damaging the airline’s image. The Lufthansa corporate headquarters should also pay attention to this.

Matthias Pfander

Co-head of business editorial team

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Matthias Pfander has been working in business journalism for over 20 years, since mid-2017 as a reporter and planner for the business editorial team at SRF TV. He previously worked for the “Tages-Anzeiger” and the “Blick” group, among others.

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