Home Business “Refining & Chemical + Ethylene + New Materials” Jointly Forces Hengli Petrochemical’s Semi-annual Performance to Reach New High

“Refining & Chemical + Ethylene + New Materials” Jointly Forces Hengli Petrochemical’s Semi-annual Performance to Reach New High

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  Hengli Petrochemical(600346) disclosed the 2021 mid-year report on the evening of August 16, and the company realized in the first half of 2021Operating income104.574 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55.25%, realizing attributable to listed companiesshareholderofNet profit8.642 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.65%.

In recent years,Hengli PetrochemicalThrough a series of key projects of high-start planning and high-standard construction, the upstream “big chemical” development platform has been continuously improved. At present, it has been formed with a processing capacity of 20 million tons of crude oil and 5 million tons of raw coal as the starting point. The main output includes 4.5 million tons. PX, 1.2 million tons of pure benzene, 16.6 million tons of PTA (with a capacity of 5 million tons under construction), 1.8 million tons of fiber grade ethylene glycol, 850,000 tons of polypropylene, 720,000 tons of styrene, 400,000 tons of polyethylene, 140,000 tons Tons of butadiene, 750,000 tons of methanol, 400,000 tons of acetic acid, and 300,000 tons of pure hydrogen have transported and stored various upstream raw materials that are in short supply and high value-added products to the downstream chemical new material industry chain. Scarce capacity for petrochemical platform development.

For semi-annualPerformanceThe reason for the growth,Hengli PetrochemicalSaid that benefited from the originalOil priceThe upward trend and the restoration of terminal consumption, as well as the return of overseas orders, the prices and spreads of various major chemicals produced by the upstream refining, coal chemical, and ethylene plants have maintained and fluctuated in a strong range, supporting the stability and growth of corporate profits. At the same time, new chemical materials products in the downstream of the industry have also benefited from the promotion of raw material costs and terminal recovery, and the profitability has accelerated.

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Recently, Hengli Petrochemical has continued to make efforts in the field of new materials. The company has invested more than 24.2 billion yuan to build a project with an annual output of 800,000 tons of functional polyester film and functional plastics, a project with an annual output of 450,000 tons of PBS biodegradable plastics, a 1.5 million tons/year green multifunctional textile new material project and The supporting projects of new chemical materials will further expand the downstream new materials industry. At the same time, the company is rapidly deploying lithium battery diaphragms and other new energy materials business areas. At present, various preparations for the production capacity construction of new lithium battery diaphragm products have been substantially started, including diaphragm equipment procurement negotiations and core talent market recruitment. “Promote the progress of this business quickly and efficiently.

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Article source: Caijing.com

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Original title: “Refining & Chemical + Ethylene + New Materials” Joint Forces, Hengli Petrochemical’s semi-annual performance hits a new high

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