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Reform hoofs swiftly and steadily develops vitality-Social-Southeast Network

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Reform hoofs swiftly and steadily develops vitality-Social-Southeast Network

Reform hoofs swiftly and steadily develop vitality burst

——Three-year action of State Grid Corporation of China to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises

The three-year action to implement the reform of state-owned enterprises is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee for the new development stage. In the past three years, State Grid Corporation of China has thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and party building, earnestly implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and made rapid strides around the “1+N” policy system in accordance with the requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Steadily deepen reforms, make every effort to strengthen overall planning, build mechanisms, focus on synergy, and ensure implementation, in order to form a more mature and more stereotyped modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics and a state-owned asset supervision system focusing on capital management, and promote the optimization of the layout of the state-owned economy, structural adjustment, and improvement Significant achievements have been made in the vitality and efficiency of state-owned enterprises. The company has vigorously and orderly promoted 117 key reform tasks. In accordance with the requirements of the State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council, the company has successfully completed the three-year action main task of state-owned enterprise reform.

Optimize corporate governance and promote a more mature and finalized modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics

Accelerating the improvement of the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics is one of the important tasks of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises. The company adheres to the “two consistent”, and takes the construction of a modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics as an opportunity to establish a new “1+N” corporate governance system, promote the integration of the party’s leadership into all aspects of governance, and realize that the board of directors should be fully established, and all members will be strong. It effectively guarantees that the managers can exercise their powers and perform their duties in accordance with the law, improve the operational efficiency and quality of enterprises with excellent governance efficiency, and effectively enhance the competitiveness, innovation, control, influence and anti-risk capabilities of the state-owned economy.

Comprehensively review and revise 15 systems such as the company’s articles of association, the working rules of the party group, the rules of procedure of the board of directors, and the working rules of the grass-roots party committees, and clarify the powers, responsibilities and working methods of the party group in decision-making, implementation and supervision; adhere to “one enterprise, one policy” to formulate subsidiaries The board of directors has optimized the plan and continued to forge the main body of corporate governance decision-making; further improved the tenure system of management members and the contractual management working mechanism… A series of measures have been implemented to promote a more mature and finalized modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics.

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State Grid Corporation employees monitor the operation of charging piles through the smart car networking platform.

The regulatory system has been gradually established and improved, promoting the formation of a general reform pattern that is connected from top to bottom and coordinated with each other. Adhering to the combination of authorization and supervision, and the unification of revitalization and management, the company has taken multiple measures to improve the level of corporate governance capabilities——

Optimize group management and control. The company builds a strong headquarters of “five strong and three excellent”, strengthens “headquarters management”; optimizes the “strategy +” classification management and control system, implements “strategy + operation” management and control for power grid business, and implements “strategic” for market-oriented industries, finance and international business. + Finance” management and control to achieve scientific and lean management.

Insist on letting go. The company has implemented 4 batches of 286 items of “decentralization, management and service”, further delegated some management authority, and enhanced the autonomy of each unit; while increasing the degree of empowerment, the company has also strengthened differentiated management, and has precisely implemented policies and classifications for different units. Layered guidance.

Strengthen legal compliance. The company strives to consolidate and improve the achievements of the “Compliance Management Deepening Year”, improve the supervision and management system, optimize the information disclosure system, and accelerate the construction of a complete institutional system that is compatible with the modern state-owned enterprise governance system with Chinese characteristics, so as to ensure that the enterprise is governed by law and compliant operation.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and continue to promote the optimization of the business layout and structural adjustment of State Grid

In the past three years, the company has continued to promote the optimization of business layout and structural adjustment, consciously placed its work in serving the overall development of the party and the country, and clarified the development layout of “one body and four wings” to build an international leading energy Internet enterprise with Chinese characteristics. The pace continues to accelerate, promoting the continuous improvement of the company’s resource allocation efficiency and serving the national major strategies more effectively.

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——Focus on the main responsibility and main business, and the “one body” and the “four wings” are coordinated and linked.

Strengthen and optimize the main business of the power grid, continue to improve the backbone network structure, and comprehensively improve the safety operation level of the power grid and the power supply guarantee capability; improve the quality of financial business development, and the “e-financial service” has cumulatively helped upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to obtain inclusive financial services. 230 billion yuan; high-quality co-construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, steady development of overseas high-quality asset investment and mergers and acquisitions; 14 emerging businesses including integrated energy and e-commerce.

——Enhance the development momentum, and use all factors to lead the connotative growth of the enterprise.

The construction of the company’s cloud platform, data center platform and IoT platform continued to deepen, and the digital transformation of power grids and enterprises was accelerated; Dian e-bao, new energy cloud, and smart car networking have become the largest domestic energy e-commerce platform, new energy service platform and the world‘s largest energy e-commerce platform, respectively. Electric vehicle service platform; the value of electric power big data plays a role, and products such as “electricity for economy” and “electricity for environmental protection” effectively serve the government’s precise policies and help achieve the “dual carbon” goal.

Reform hoofs swiftly and steadily develop vitality burst


The State Grid Research Institute optimizes the scientific research management system and stimulates the innovative vitality of scientific research talents.

In the new era and new journey, innovation has been placed in a more important position.

The company insists on strengthening the main position of enterprise innovation, vigorously implements the new power system science and technology action plan, adheres to the “two wheels turning together” of technological innovation and institutional innovation, accelerates the “de-administration” of scientific research units, and vigorously promotes “revelation and leadership”, projects The chief engineer and fault tolerance and correction are three key scientific and technological mechanisms, innovatively established the China Electric Power Academy of Sciences and the company’s chief expert system, and take multiple measures to stimulate the innovation potential of the majority of cadres and workers, especially scientific researchers.

At present, the company has won a total of 91 National Science and Technology Awards, 5 China Industry Awards, and 12 China Patent Gold Awards. The number of patent applications and cumulative ownership has ranked first among state-owned enterprises for 11 consecutive years, and has obtained a number of world-leading patents with independent intellectual property rights. The original achievements of the company have embarked on a road of independent innovation in energy and power technology with Chinese characteristics.

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Adhere to the direction of marketization, and comprehensively enhance the endogenous power, development vitality and creativity of the enterprise

In the past three years, the company has continuously improved the market-oriented operation mechanism, carried out special rectification of the headquarters organization, strengthened the market players of subsidiaries at all levels, fully promoted the marketization of labor, continued to seek vitality from reforms, and demanded momentum from reforms, and comprehensively enhanced the endogenous power of the enterprise. , develop vitality and creativity.

The company presses the “acceleration button” in improving the flexible and efficient market-oriented operation mechanism, and firmly grasps the “three systems” reform of the bull nose——

Promote contract management, so that cadres can be up and down. The company has formulated institutional documents such as the “Management of Tenure System and Contractual Management Measures for Managerial Members”, insisting on selecting and strengthening leaders at all levels, and accelerating the promotion of professional manager system.

Insist on laying off redundant staff so that employees can enter and exit. The company has established an institutional management mechanism of “total control, classification and classification, pre-assessment, and post-assessment”, and has established a “1+N” grading management system with quotas and quotas to vigorously promote market-oriented employment. Focus on the implementation of the “six energy” policy.

Reform hoofs swiftly and steadily develop vitality burst


State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power staff introduced comprehensive energy and energy saving and efficiency related businesses to customers.

At present, around the goal of “guaranteeing supply, promoting transformation, and stabilizing prices”, the company is continuing to improve the construction of the power market mechanism, comprehensively improve the reliability of power supply, and do a solid job in agency power purchase and people’s livelihood services; Taking it as the “tip of the knife” to continuously achieve reform breakthroughs, we will carry out the “Science and Technology Reform Demonstration Action” and “Double Hundred Actions”, and give full play to the role of innovation and breakthrough and demonstration; Strengthen the prevention of debt and financial, investment, and legal risks, and steadily advance various reform and development tasks.

Source of information: State Grid System Reform Office, State Grid News Agency

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