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Regional Lazio 2023, Beppe Grillo and the appeal to the useful vote to help…

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Regional Lazio 2023, Beppe Grillo and the appeal to the useful vote to help…

Beppe Grillo, Marco Croatti’s blog and post on the useful vote

today on Beppe Grillo’s blogbetween ecological balls for washing machines, time travel and artificial intelligence for housewives of Voghera, a post by Marco Croatti on the useful vote. I am fully aware that starting an article like this has big risks because the first thing that the reader rightly thinks: but who is this Marco Croatti?

Stop everyone I say: Marco Croatti is a Senator of the Five Stars.

Oh well, he really doesn’t know (I discovered it today), but he is still a member of the institutions to which the citizen must devote deference and attention. The Senator, let me also call him that because Italian doesn’t like syntactic duplications, he starts to spur beat:

“For years we have been hearing the invitation to voters to vote usefullyan appeal that can be considered enlightening, because it allows the citizen to eliminate any temptation to vote for the politician or group that evoked him. Whoever invites the useful vote obviously asks for the vote for himself; not on the basis of programs, projects, visions of the future but on the hairy philosophical concept that the menacing political adversary, the enemy, must be defeated in order for good to triumph, his…”.

Croatti, sorry to say, doesn’t have the gift of clarity and begins the article with mysterious mediumistic nuances concerning an incomprehensible “evocation” suffered by the poor citizen.

We can already imagine Zingaretti and D’Amato who, hidden in a quarry in the Laurentina on a dark and stormy night, among alembics and magic potions, with Merlin’s magician’s cap, precisely “summon” the citizen to get him to vote.

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Then, in the text, a new mysterious combination appears, namely the “hairy philosophical concept”. What will it be? Do we seek comfort in adults? In Hegel, in Kant, in Schopenhauer, in Cacciari (sometimes ce coje) or in Nietzsche? Nothing. We have to do it ourselves, as good scribes of thought. And here you need to use your imagination. One therefore imagines a “normal” philosophical concept, let’s even say clean-shaven and perfumed and by ideational contrast then we could “evoke” (this time it is appropriate to say it) a “hairy” philosophical concept, i.e. with thick hair, armpits very hirsute and prude from vintage black and white photos of Playboy from the 70s. Anyone who has a “certain” immediately understands what I mean.

Stuff to make the descriptions that are circulating on the Net these days on the reproductive glories of Zaniolo pale. But let’s get back, as far as possible, serious and continue the instructive reading. “An approach that is based on a key consideration: that citizens can be manipulated, influenced, politically stupid and incapable of reasoning. The appeal to the useful vote is therefore addressed to the useful idiot and is carried out by the politician who considers the voters like sheep incapable of understanding what is best for them”.

Therefore, if we have understood correctly, the smart citizen who votes for who can win in his political area of ​​reference is a “useful idiot” and the other a genius. Actually, dear Senator, it’s quite the opposite. The “idiot” is just the one who doesn’t vote for who can win and thinks quite like him. And then the grand finale with an explosion of jokes, jokes and carabezzole: “We will look to the future of our territories by focusing with fierce determination on the defense of the environment, on social rights, on sustainable development that protects us and above all the younger generations. For this vision of society we ask you to vote for us, if it is yours too”.

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Attention women, the knife grinder has arrived! Put down arms, anarchists get ready, Ultima Generazione gives its contribution that Croatti and his friends roam the cities, valleys and mountains, as well as in some cases the deserts, with “fierce determination”, stuff from RoboCop, Sylvester Stallone and precisely from Beppe Grillo’s website.

But it is clear that the appeal to the poor citizen whom the senator defines as an “idiot” is for the voters of the Five Stars in Lazio, in which the Movement presents itself divided from its ally, namely the Democratic Party (which by the way was hated by Grillo who called it Pdl-l). The appeal is not to change things for the better but to prevent the candidate from the centre-left from winning. In fact, the M5S candidate Donatella Bianchi has zero chance of winning, especially after the disaster and upheaval that former mayor Virginia Raggi caused in Rome, with a demagogic opposition to the waste-to-energy plant (by the way, that’s what it’s called and not an incinerator), the free at the Stadio della Roma in an area subject to subsidence, the differentiated waste collection at a standstill despite the proclamations, the stellar rubbish, the wild boars, the seagulls, the mice and the cycle paths that strangle the traffic, above all the emergency vehicles, and who more has more to put.

So let’s face it dear Senator: the “useful idiot” would be those who vote for those who in the past have shown that they are unable to govern and not those who choose the “useful vote”.

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