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Removed glowing X logo from roof of Twitter building

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Removed glowing X logo from roof of Twitter building

Shortly after renaming Twitter X and installing the new logo on the roof of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, the company had to remove the glowing construction again. It did not have the necessary permits, as the city’s building inspector found.

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One of their inspectors watched the logo being taken down Monday from the street, as seen documents of the authority emerges. Their inspectors had been repeatedly denied access to the roof. Twitter claimed the logo was a temporary construction for an event.

Residents had complained about the nightly flashing of the new logo of multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s technology company. In addition, safety concerns had been raised as the metal construction did not appear to be securely anchored to the roof. City officials said they had received 24 complaints since the giant X was installed last week.

Musk announced the renaming of Twitter to X a week ago. Since then, the well-known blue bird logo has been removed from the website and smartphone apps – but remnants of its past as Twitter can still be found in many places. According to Musk, the name Twitter was no longer appropriate because he wanted to build an app with a variety of functions based on the short message service. He bought Twitter for around $44 billion last October.

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