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Reopening decree approved by the Government unanimously

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Reopening decree approved by the Government unanimously

«Reopen the economy» and «limit the distance learning experience. This is now a state we have reached ”. The Council of Ministers has given the green light to “important measures that eliminate almost all the restrictions that have limited our behavior”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at a press conference at the end of the meeting that unanimously approved the reopening decree law: the provision overcomes the state of emergency that began at the end of January 2020 with the explosion of Covid 19.

Green Pass farewell from 1st May. Stop the reinforced pass for over 50s in the workplace. Vaccine obligation only for health professionals until the end of the year. Today the decree

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During the meeting, the League asked for the farewell to the green pass to be brought forward to April 15, close to Easter (April 17). For this reason, the meeting of the Council of Ministers was suspended for about a quarter of an hour: work resumed, the application would be rejected. In light, above all, of the still uncertain epidemiological picture.

The premier then explained that with the dissolution of the CTS, the monitoring work will continue “with the Higher Institute of Health and the Higher Council of Health. Also on behalf of the government, I thank Professor Locatelli and Professor Brusaferro and all the present and past members of the Technical Scientific Committee ».

Draghi then thanked the Italians for the “altruism” and “patience shown during the pandemic” and underlined “a very important data on vaccinations is that thanks to vaccines almost 80 thousand more deaths were avoided in Italy in 2021 alone. Green pass was a great success.As I had anticipated at the end of last year, the government’s goal was to return to normalcy, to regain our sociality, I believe that the measures approved today recognize that this is a state we have arrived at “.

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With the dissolution of the commissioner, however, “the ordinariness of vaccination will be carried out by the ministry of health and the regions”.

The premier then announced the arrival of a measure to help families and businesses deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, explaining that “tomorrow there is no budget gap, but it is a situation of great uncertainty and today we do not see a recession,” we see a Europe and an Italy that continues to grow. Today nobody in Europe sees a recession ».

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