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Rest in the South, the Piazza Scammacca market was born in Catania

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Rest in the South, the Piazza Scammacca market was born in Catania

The redemption of a historic and precious area of ​​Catania, the redemption of a generation that does not want to leave Sicily and has decided to stay and invest here, in the shadow of Etna. The key to everything is food and wine that crosses urban planning, society, culture and tradition. All ingredients that we find in the Piazza Scammacca project which involves the redevelopment of the area in the heart of one of the historic areas of Catania, between Piazza Teatro and Piazza Duomo. And the project promoted by a collective of young people who chose this area of ​​the Etna capital as a project to leave their mark on the territory and on the urban planning of the city is in the final phase. In practice, an urban regeneration project that was born under the banner of good food. “We want to stay in Catania and take root in a new and stimulating place open to all: to participate in a change, to contribute to making our city better, to leave a mark and to lead by example” say the five promoters of the initiative they have on average 35 years.

Piazza Scammacca is the first urban market in the city that, through a project made up of several food and wine companies, tries to build an interconnected system: a structure costing a total of two million (of which 420 thousand from Invitalia and in particular 350 thousand euros will be applied to the Resto al Sud measure) the new structure will initially employ 35 people and the promoters plan to involve a clientele of 100,000 people a year.

«The concept of“ square ”is at the center of the design idea, studied in depth through a lens that expresses its value in the claim people, market, culture – explain the promoters of the project -. This structure enhances all aspects of the idea of ​​a “square”, sewing the identities of six restaurants in this completely renovated ancient space, each dedicated to a specific theme and conceived as a complementary catering offer ».

Six different formats, considered as real production centers of Piazza Scammacca, each of which responds to a different desire, but above all tells a story that makes Made in Italy an original and valuable proposal.

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