Home Business Resumption on September 23: Will the broader market fall below 3,000 points next week? The main capital will focus on 6 stocks |

Resumption on September 23: Will the broader market fall below 3,000 points next week? The main capital will focus on 6 stocks |

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Resumption on September 23: Will the broader market fall below 3,000 points next week? The main capital will focus on 6 stocks |

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On September 23, the three major indexes continued to adjust their volume, and the Shanghai Composite Index fell below the 3,100-point integer mark. In terms of sectors, only the kitchen and bathroom appliances, banking, and securities sectors were relatively active, and the rest of the sectors were in a state of decline. The automotive, semiconductor, photovoltaic and other track sectors collectively declined, and titanium dioxide, digital currency, tourism, consumer electronics, industrial machine tools and other sectors. go lower. Overall, the market’s worries are spreading, and individual stocks are in a general decline. Over 4,200 stocks in the two cities are green, and today’s turnover is 667.6 billion yuan.

 1. 51.8 billion funds compete for 20 shares: the main funds will focus on 6 shares (list)

Statistics show that the turnover of TOP20 stocks exceeds 51.8 billion yuan. According to the Sina Finance level2 capital flow chart, among these 20 stocks, 6 stocks show major capital inflows.Ningde eraYuntianhuaThe main net inflow exceeded 100 million yuan;Southern PowerSanhua Intelligent ControlChuanyi TechnologyYiwei Lithium EnergyThe main net inflow is less than 100 million yuan.

 2. Resumption of daily limit: the three major indexes shrink and adjust the Shanghai index to fall below 3100 points and the two cities exceed 4200 shares

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Today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have daily limit 27 (covering new shares and ST), 26 daily limit, 574 rising stocks and 4160 falling stocks.

 Three and six major blogs look at the market outlook: the best strategy is to wait

Will the market fall below 3000 next week?

The main reason for today’s decline in the broader market was the accelerated depreciation of the RMB during the session, which triggered the withdrawal of foreign capital. Yesterday, a small amount of foreign exchange intervention was carried out to prevent the rapid depreciation of the yen. Chance. However, after the opening of the market today, the RMB continued to depreciate, and as soon as the devaluation of domestic capital, there was panic selling. At present, the offshore RMB exchange rate has depreciated to 7.1, causing a big plunge in A shares. According to the current form, the RMB should still depreciate. Therefore, the market still has room to fall, but will the market fall below 3,000 points? In the early stage, we drew a picture, the market support is at the line connecting 2440 points and 2863 points, that is, around 2950 points, so the analysis of the market should fall below 3000 points, but a satin is more popular recently: there is a fish selling in the market Yes, 8 pieces of live fish and 3 pieces of dead fish. One day, a housewife squatted in front of the fish stall, without speaking, she quietly watched a fish panting. The fish seller asked her curiously, “Why are you looking at it?” The housewife said calmly, “I’m keeping an eye on when this dead fish will die.” ——This housewife seems to be the current over-the-counter fund; this fish is like a half-dead market. Off-market funds are waiting for the broader market to fall below 3,000 points, but will the market fall below 3,000 points? What you want, you can’t get!

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 The panic reappears, should we panic now?

Looking at the performance of today’s disk, the market went down unilaterally in the early trading. The Chuang Composite Index broke through the 2,650 points we predicted in advance, and the lowest point was 2,619 points. After the opening in the afternoon, the main board and the ChiNext rose rapidly, almost recovering the sharp decline in the early trading. lost ground. Looking at the trend of the whole day, the highest of the KLCI is 2693 points, the lowest point is 2619 points, and the central axis is around 2650 points, which is still near the position we predicted before. Therefore, the adjustment of the broader market today is still within a reasonable range, and you don’t need to panic too much. . To sum up a sentence: investment must have a sense of framework, not stick to specific points, and have a strategic perspective on the peaks and troughs. At present, the market is in the trough position, and everyone needs to pay enough attention.

The best strategy is to wait

Technically, the daily line of the bond line increases the downward slope. The market is affected by multiple factors, and the superimposed weekend effect shows a trend of heavy volume decline. In the early trading, the index hit a recent low of 3072 points. After the opening in the afternoon, there was a rapid rise. And brokerage stocks pulled up the index the most, and the index was pulled red again, but no one responded, and it fell again. After 2 o’clock, there was another wave of pulling up and still failed to return. In the end, it was defeated and closed down 20 points. It really fell below the 3100 mark. Insurance on the disk, new urbanization, horse racing concept, banks, brokerages and winemaking, etc. are slightly red disk resistance; Esim, automotive integrated die-casting, reducer, electronic chemicals, in-wheel motors, Chiplet concept, semiconductor, digital currency, etc. Most of the above sectors are falling, and no sector has resistance, and most of the stocks that have fallen more severely are compensating for losses. In general, the market is going through the most difficult time period this year. The quantitative model cannot monitor the operational opportunities. Even if there are, it is very rare and not sustainable. In view of the current market panic and the changing external environment, Still steadfastly waiting.

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