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Returnable drinks, large-scale retail trade: “No improvisation”

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The world of large-scale distribution is looking with concern at the amendment, contained in the Simplification Decree (see the anticipation published by the Sole-24 Ore yesterday), with which a deposit system will be introduced in Italy for plastic, glass and metal in order to get to the recovery and recycling of the same. The large-scale distribution brands, on the other hand, would like to improve the container collection systems already adopted. Of particular concern is the idea that a new collection model will lead to higher costs, a remodeling of the spaces in the points of sale as well as an increase in CO2 emissions linked to the handling of returns. “For some time now, distribution companies have been supporting initiatives and raising awareness among the final consumer to favor virtuous paths of recovery and recycling of materials, capable of combining positive environmental impacts with the need to give efficiency to the logistics and industrial management of the entire process that gives life to precious raw materials, with a view to circular economy – explains Alberto Frausin, president of Federdistribuzione. – An example of this is the recent agreement we reached with Coripet to encourage pet collection in our stores, according to the “bottle to bottle” logic and introducing reward mechanisms for consumers ».

Unlike other sectors such as Ho.re.ca. where systems based on deposit and reuse are already applied and could also be extended to the final consumer with rewards, as the world of distribution we maintain that it is a priority to further increase the effectiveness of separate collection processes. Already today they are able to guarantee – for example through the use of eco-compactors – the reduction of costs and emissions associated with the various management phases, including transport. Just think of how much “air”, ie empty volume, needs to be moved, to realize how much attention must be paid to all aspects that can have an environmental impact ».

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For some time, large-scale distribution chains have placed compactors for Pet containers in sales points, points for the collection of used cooking oils that “reward” users with discount coupons and points to collect linked to loyalty programs. «We need a real project, complete and articulated in the times and ways of implementation because returning after decades to the“ returnable void ”mechanism is not a project that can be improvised – warns Maura Latini, managing director of Coop Italia. – There will be a need for an organizational change between those who produce, distribute, sell and then collect the bonded gaps, there will be a need for new spaces in the points of sale and updates of the checkout barriers to enable them to manage the process of the deposit from the sale to return. This time, companies should listen to such a complex topic ».

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