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Rubber-plastic, contract renewal in record time: 153 euro increase

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Rubber-plastic, contract renewal in record time: 153 euro increase

The Rubber Plastic Federation and the unions (Filctem, Femca and Uiltec) have reached an agreement for the renewal of the national collective labor agreement which concerns 140,000 workers and 5,500 businesses. The increase on the minimum is 153 euros, to which must be added 14 euros on the health fund which bring the total increase to 167 euros. The contract will be valid until 31 December 2025.

Economic part

They consider the overall increase in the three-year period of 167 euros, according to the calculation of the unions the total wage amount will be 4,019 euros. The increase on the minimum of 153 euros for the average reference level will be distributed in 3 “tranches”: 61 euros from 1 January 2023, 45 euros from 1 January 2024 and 47 euros from 1 April 2025

normative part

With the agreement reached, Industrial Relations are strengthened through the strengthening of the observatory on equal opportunities, the monitoring of female employment and company agreements, aimed at gaining knowledge of good practices. In addition, discussions are opened to supply chains interconnected to the sector, for joint initiatives and for the dissemination of good contractual practices and the achievement of gender equality. Particular attention is paid to this last issue, explain the trade unions, «with the recognition of 2 months paid in addition to the 3 envisaged by law, in the event of gender-based violence, in addition to the 4 hours of training per year on the subject”.

Health & Safety

The health and safety chapter was also improved, through the implementation of the inter-confederation agreement and the law on reasonable accommodation. In fact, the individual annual paid leaves for each RLS are increased, going from 40 to 72 hours for companies with over 15 employees, from 30 to 48 hours for companies with 6 to 15 employees and from 12 to 24 hours for companies up to 5 employees.


The institutes concerning the frail, solidarity holidays and family members have improved. In fact, an additional additional day of annual leave is recognized in the event of illness of a minor aged between 3 and 10 years, the possibility of dividing parental leave, the entire accrual of the ROL for paid absences of 10 days after the birth of the child and for the use of the monthly leave of law 104, the recognition of as many paid days as those necessary for checks, sampling, hospitalization and convalescence for bone marrow donors and the interconfederal framework agreement on smart working is implemented. On contractual welfare, membership of the sector health fund is recognized from 1 January 2024 for all workers who are fully dependent on the companies and it is expected that the worker who wants to contribute an additional fee will access a more complete health plan.

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