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Rumor has it that Jack Ma transferred from Hong Kong to Spain for vacation | The Epoch Times

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[EpochTimesOctober192021]Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who is in a vortex of regulatory turmoil, was found in Hong Kong earlier this month. It has been reported that he has transferred to Spain for vacation.

According to a report from “Hong Kong 01” on the 19th, in the early morning of the 16th, Jack Ma and several wealthy friends and tech tycoons flew to Spain on two private jets, and immediately boarded a superyacht that he spent more than 1.6 billion yuan on. The island of Ibiza in eastern Spain set sail for a vacation.

During Jack Ma’s short stay in Hong Kong, his itinerary was very tight. According to people familiar with the matter, he had secret meetings with many Hong Kong tycoons and business partners, and went to the Fanling Golf Club in the New Territories to play. Play poker and sing K with friends in attendance.”

The source said that Jack Ma’s appearance in Hong Kong this time and then flew to Europe, so that the news that he was “unbound” spread further, and Alibaba’s stock price rebounded from the bottom. “Complete”, the “ban” that Ma Yun was prohibited from leaving the country may be lifted.

However, Pan Zhuohong, the managing director of Zhongke Xingye and “whistleblower” on the Shazhong line, has a different view. According to his recent interview with The Epoch Times about Jack Ma’s appearance in Hong Kong, Jack Ma’s visit to Hong Kong is necessary because he has to deal with some equity and company business changes, and it may also be to meet with potential share buyers. However, he It is estimated that Jack Ma is still not 100% free and still subject to certain restrictions.

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Pan Zhuohong also stated that if the CCP wants to imprison Ma Yun or control his personal freedom, it will have a certain degree of impact on the image of the country. Instead, let Ma Yun have a certain degree of freedom so that the CCP can fully monitor the development of Alibaba.

In addition, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam admired Jack Ma very much. Every time Jack Ma came to Hong Kong, the two must meet, but they did not meet this time. Pan Zhuohong believes that “to some extent it is a fantastic idea to reflect that’Ma Yun is okay’.”

Since Ma Yun publicly criticized the Chinese Communist Party’s financial regulators at the Shanghai Financial Summit on October 24 last year, he was interviewed. “Violation of the Anti-Monopoly Law” was filed for investigation.

“Crossroads” show host and senior media person, Tang Hao, analyzed that the CCP seized the ants and launched a heavy investigation of Alibaba, which highlighted the intensification of the CCP faction’s infighting, and Xi Jinping investigated Alibaba in the name of strengthening supervision of the source of funds. It is to weaken the fighting capital of the opposing forces.

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