Home Business Ryzen 7000 temperature 95°C will become everyday AMD: don’t worry about burning out 7×24

Ryzen 7000 temperature 95°C will become everyday AMD: don’t worry about burning out 7×24

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Ryzen 7000 temperature 95°C will become everyday AMD: don’t worry about burning out 7×24

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processor has been launched. In addition to performance, price and other specifications, there is another place to pay attention to this year, that is, temperature. We also verified in our first test that the Ryzen 9 7950X was copied when the machine was copied. The temperature reached 95°C, the power was 221W, and the full core frequency was as high as 5.2GHz.

This 95°C is not random. It is the Tjmax temperature set by AMD for the Ryzen 7000. Whether it is air cooling or more powerful water cooling, the processor will hit this temperature wall.AMD’s design is to ensure that the processor can release as much performance as possible, so the temperature limit is relaxed.

95°C is not the highest temperature. In fact, it may be higher than this temperature, but it is not much higher. AMD has made preparations. In response to players’ concerns that long-term high temperature will damage the CPU, AMD also clarified that the temperature of 95°C is correct. Not too hot for electronic chips, the power management system will know that the processor is running at 95°C.

According to AMD,The 95°C temperature of the Ryzen 7000 can be used for a long time, and it can run 7×24 hours without any problem, and there is no risk of burning out the CPU.

However, it is hard to say whether players can accept such high temperature. Many players actually prefer low temperature. The cooling temperature is lower and there is a benefit in mute. Therefore, if it is unacceptable, either change the upper limit of Tjmax, or try AMD’s Eco mode. The TDP will be limited from 170W to 65W and 105W. At this time, the single-core CPU will not be affected much. If it is multi-core, it depends on the workload. If it is not a long-running task, the impact is acceptable, and the temperature and heat generation will be improved a lot.

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Ryzen 7000 temperature 95°C will become everyday AMD: don't worry about burning out 7x24

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