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Sahel: after the lifting of Ecowas sanctions, the reflections of a Burkinabe newspaper

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by: Celine Camoin | February 29, 2024

No backtracking towards ECOWAS by the three “dissidents” – Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso – despite the lifting of the collective sanctions imposed on the three countries by the leaders of the West African regional community. The Burkinabe newspaper Le Pays is convinced of this, underlining that the individual sanctions against the coup plotters and the suspensions from the Ecowas bodies have been maintained.

“The populations who have been seriously and collectively affected by this blockade breathed a sigh of relief reading the final press release, especially since the lifting of the restrictions takes place a few days before the month of Ramadan,” indicates Le Pays, not without mentioning that by now the three countries have turned their backs on Ecowas, thinking of their own regional entity and even their own currency

According to some sources, for example, if the Beninese border was reopened towards Niger, the Nigerien side of the border would still be blocked.

Le Pays reflects on the consequence of the lifting of sanctions: those thinking of a coup d’état will no longer fear economic sanctions. “As a result, we may unfortunately be witnessing a sort of leap back to West Africa in the 1980s, when anyone with a rank could dream of becoming president, because all it took was a Kalashnikov as a weapon of persuasion.”

The only way for the Subregional Organization to raise its head again is to transform itself through an upgrade that brings it back to its foundations: its initial missions of economic integration of space member countries.

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Ecowas, according to the same source, has begun to lose credibility since it integrated the political aspect into its mandate, and more than once it has gone astray by adopting variable geometry measures, without taking into account the interests of the people for whom should act.

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