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SAIC Volkswagen severely punished dealers who dropped their ID.6X by 37,000, deducting all commissions for the month-IT and traffic

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In mid-October, a SAIC Volkswagen dealer announced thatThe “Private Golden Autumn Limited’Ten’ rush to buy” activity will be launched, from now to OctoberOn the 31st, ID.4X and ID.6X were purchased for a limited time. Among them, if the old car is replaced, ID.4X and ID.6X will be discounted by 28,000 yuan and 37,000 yuan in cash respectively;Non-replacement direct purchases offer cash discounts of 24,000 and 31,000 yuan; for credit customers, a direct drop of 18,000 yuan, two-year interest-free loans, and free lifetime maintenance.

And this behavior of the dealer also makes many car owners who have just picked up the car unable to sit still. Because all Volkswagen ID series models are sold through Volkswagen’s direct online purchases, they are all at the official guide price when they pick up the car, and there is no dime discount.

Today, SAIC Volkswagen dealers have given a cash discount of 37,000 yuan for ID.6X models.These old car owners lost more than 30,000 yuan in one month and were “cut the leeks” by SAIC Volkswagen, and they were even worse than Tesla. In January, 37,000 yuan was to uproot the leeks.

Regarding this matter, SAIC Volkswagen also conducted a low-key handling internally.

A few days ago, some netizens broke the news.SAIC Volkswagen punished “Shanghai Hualong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.”, deducting all commissions for the month and the yellow card warning. ,

At this point, SAIC Volkswagen’s ID series price cuts can be regarded as an end. However, although this matter is an individual case of a dealer’s price reduction behavior, but,Under the background that ID series electric vehicles have never opened up market sales, it is an indisputable fact that the price of ID series models is inflated.

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Previously, due to the poor sales of BMW iX3,BMW chose to voluntarily cut the price by 70,000 yuan, the entry version from 469,900 yuan to 399.99 million yuan, and voluntarily returned the price difference to the old car owners. BMW has won the hearts of the people and the market in one fell swoop.

At present, the BMW iX3 has become the most popular and popular model in the domestic traditional luxury car BBA camp. In June of this year, BMW iX3 sales were 4,384 units, and in May it was 2,621 units.

As a comparison, the sales volume of Mercedes-Benz EQC in July was 237, which was not as good as the sales volume of BMW iX3 in January. Audi E-Tron’s sales are even worse, not even as good as Mercedes-Benz EQC.

It can be seen from this that after the price cut, the market competitiveness of BMW iX3 has soared several grades. For the development of Volkswagen ID series electric vehicles in the Chinese market, you might as well refer to the BMW iX3.


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