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Sales on Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day is a gift for flower shops – News

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Sales on Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day is a gift for flower shops – News


Roses, chocolates and perfume are given away on Valentine’s Day in this country. In the USA, pets can also be happy.

How much sales do flower shops make on Valentine’s Day? “Valentine’s Day, along with Mother’s Day, is the most important sales day for florists,” says SRF business editor Lucia Theiler. In total, this is around 40 million francs and therefore between two to five percent of the total annual turnover.

Does the demand for roses increase on Valentine’s Day? Yes, according to the SRF editor. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide and that causes prices to rise. “Profits are therefore unlikely to increase at the same rate as sales and volumes.”

Why is Valentine’s Day even celebrated?

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Legend: There are several shrines with relics attributed to Saint Valentinus. Here is an example from the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Dublin. Reuters/CLODAGH KILCOYNE

According to legend, a Valentine Terni – later canonized by the Catholic Church – was beheaded in Rome on February 14 between 268 and 270 because he supported Christians.

Catholic sources list other saints with the name Valentinus who are said to have suffered martyrdom.

What is certain is that the day of commemoration of a Saint Valentinus was established by Pope Gelaisus in 496 for the entire church. In 1969 it was removed from the Roman Catholic general calendar.

Does the retail trade also benefit from Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day serves as a hook for retailers to sell something special to consumers. This includes chocolates, jewelry and perfume or at least a card. “But the day is not as important for the retail and catering trade in Switzerland as it is for florists.”

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What is it like in other countries? Valentine’s Day is celebrated big in the USA. More than $25 billion in sales are made in the USA on Valentine’s Day. “Surveys show that several hundred dollars are spent per person on Valentine’s Day. And sometimes even your pet gets a gift for Valentine’s Day,” says the business editor. These are not flowers, but rather special appetizers.

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