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Sales: starting throughout Italy, spending up to over 200 euros

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Sales: starting throughout Italy, spending up to over 200 euros

The summer season of sales throughout Italy is starting: the recovery in consumption to the test of end-of-season sales. The climate of uncertainty, however, makes the estimate of the average expenditure very variable, starting from a minimum of 88 euros per person, calculated by Confcommercio, to reach 243 by Confesercenti. In detail, according to the estimates of the Confcommercio Research Department, this year each family will spend an average of 202 euros – equal to 88 euros per capita – for a total value of 3.1 billion euros for the purchase of discounted items. «The estimates of average spending per family for these summer sales are slightly higher than last year and correspond to the return of national and international tourism, especially on the coasts and in the cities of art. The summer sales could represent a real opportunity, considering the general increase in costs and the growth forecasts of the price lists of the next collections », states Giulio Felloni, national president of the Italy-Confcommercio Fashion Federation. “The textile, clothing, footwear and accessories sector, in fact, has so far resisted the increase in prices in the face of the significant increase in company fixed costs for rents, energy, fuels, products and services, giving customers the opportunity to buy at really affordable prices », he adds.
What kind of acquisitions are the most popular
«Purchasing in local shops represents the real support for our urban centers in terms of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Also for this reason, unfair competition from the giants of the web is not admissible, which have, moreover, benefited from an important position income. We therefore ask that international agreements on the entry into force of the global minimum tax be implemented as soon as possible. This alone would be a first step towards a more democratic market »concludes Felloni. According to a Confesercenti study, based on surveys conducted with Ipsos among consumers and with Swg among companies, almost seven out of ten Italians – 69% – have already planned to buy products on sale, for an average expected cost of 243 euros per person. . “2022 was supposed to be the year of recovery, but so far it has been disappointing in particular for small and medium-sized physical retail companies, which are even more in difficulty due to the increase in fixed costs” explains Benny Campobasso, National President of Fismo, the association of fashion companies of Confesercenti.
“For this reason, we invite you to buy in physical stores for the sales, not only for a higher quality of the purchase – you can touch and try on the garments, assisted by a sales person – but also to contribute to the economic recovery of businesses. and the revitalization of cities and small villages ». The Codacons underlines that the 2022 summer sales will be marked by uncertainty, and the purchases of Italians will weigh heavily on bills and emergency prices. Sales during the discount period will remain below the pre-Covid values, with an average expenditure per family that will be around 165 euros – explains Codacons – The number of citizens willing to take advantage of the balances is growing (about 60% of Italians) but the economic situation characterized by strong increases in energy prices, skyrocketing inflation and continuously rising fuels will affect the choices of consumers, leading them to be more cautious in purchases and to contain the budget to be dedicated to balances. However – analyzes the Codacons – the return of foreign tourists to Italian cities will give considerable help to trade; furthermore, the discount percentages applied by merchants will immediately be very high, so as to attract customers to the shops.

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