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Santanchè: “Resignation? We don’t go after Report. Compact majority”

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Santanchè: “Resignation? We don’t go after Report. Compact majority”

Santanchè: “Resignation? We don’t go after Report”

The Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè spoke to Future North Direction at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. Inevitable on the sidelines of the event, questions from reporters on the journalistic investigation of Report linked to the minister’s entrepreneurial activities: – “About what? Be serious… let’s go after Report?”: so Santanchè to those who asked her if she had thought of resigning. As for the request to report to Parliament, which also came from members of the government majority, Santanchè said: “I’ll answer everything, I’ve been in politics for 23 years, I’ve always put my face into it, don’t worry, wait calmly. It seems to me that the majority is not only compact but more compact. You have to look for other things to ensure that the majority is not compact “.

Fontana: “Santanchè, do not draw conclusions from journalistic investigations”

From the journalistic investigations “no conclusions should be drawn”. This was stated by the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontanaon the sidelines of the presentation event of the ‘European Games, Open Series Como Lake 2027′ at Palazzo Pirelli. Fontana said he was absolutely convinced and confident in the minister, who “declared right from the start that she will report and positively clarify her situation”, explained Fontana. “This – concludes the president of the Lombardy Region – is one of the many situations that are somewhat anomalous in this country but continue to occur”.

Tourism, Santanchè: “No more queues in Milan to take taxis”

“With the transport commissioner of the Lombardy region we will meet all the taxi acronyms, because we cannot allow ourselves that tourists have to queue tens and tens of meters in airports and stations, this is our calling card. I say this from Milan but I could also say it in Rome, Florence”. Said the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchéintervening in Future North Direction at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

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“It’s not my responsibility, but also being the regional coordinator and being the Fdi councilor for transport, we will meet all the taxi acronyms to start working together. I believe that it is the team that wins: government, region, municipality. It is not possible that we cause this inconvenience and that we introduce ourselves to our tourists, very often also foreigners, who arrive at the airport or station and they have tens of meters of line to get the taxi. We want to understand how it can be done. The ideas are there, it’s not an ideological question when it comes to tourism, but it must be a vision that all institutions must have,” she concluded.

Santanchè: “Milan-Cortina will be as successful as Expo”

The event of Milan-Cortina “It’s very close by now and we have to see it as a country system, we have to have the ability to make the whole nation experience such an important event. We’re doing everything we can do, governance has changed, we’re in the right direction and I’m sure that they will find us ready. We need to work a lot but, from the meetings we hold, I am sure they will find us as prepared as we have always been”. So Daniela Santanche. “I remember the Milan Expo, it is there for all to see that it was not only done well, but that it left signs that changed the face of the city. The same thing will happen for Milan-Cortina”, she assures.

Santanchè: “Tourism will contribute to 1.8% GDP growth”

“Tourism will contribute this year to have a growth of Pil which should be around 1.8%. Tourism will be a driving force”, added Santanchè.

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Santanchè: “Botticelli’s Venus will remain a “testimonial also for the winter season”

The Botticelli’s Venus will remain the ‘testimonial’ of Italian tourism also for the winter season. This was reported by the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè speaking at the conference ‘Reachable destinations, sustainable objectives’ organized by the North Direction at the Stelline Foundation, returning to the ‘Open to wonder’ campaign. “Botticelli’s Venus will always be our virtual influencer but in a winter version. You will see it on skis and in 3D – he said – We must also address young people, not only with the virtual influencer but also with social networks. With the summer campaign we had crazy numbers all over the world, also thanks to the criticisms”.

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