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Sardinia, Cdx in pieces. Meloni against the League. Salvini: “It really doesn’t work like this”

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Sardinia, Cdx in pieces.  Meloni against the League.  Salvini: “It really doesn’t work like this”

Sardinia, split majority. Salvini argues with Fitto. Meloni ready to play the European Championship card

Alessandra’s victory Todd and of the Left in Sardinia led to a split in the majority. There Right he did not digest the defeat of Truzzo and the free-for-all has already begun. Melons now he will have to deal with his own choices. The Northern League members in Sardinia they have sunk to percentages of other times and have little to celebrate. But, as always happens, – reports La Stampa – everything can happen quickly relativized. And so Brothers of Italy he already knows that from this morning the no to will also be called into question third term. The Northern League governor of Veneto Luca Zaia will return to office, focusing on a topic that has its weight: the credibility of the candidates. And ultimately it is the same reason that could push Meloni to overcome the last doubts about his candidacy as league leader. for them European on June. Sources close to her are convinced that in the end she will choose to run, also to avoid contradicting what she has maintained in recent months. And that is that you have to deal with consensus of citizens, even when leading the government.

The right – reports Repubblica – is preparing for internal battle. Salvini, pushed by him, sets up a strategy of wear and tear very precise. With un’escalation which should last until European. The first assault will obviously be launched on the third term, the one dear to Luca Zaia to obtain reconfirmation as governor. What Salvini has been demanding for weeks, unheard. In a few days the Senate will have to express its opinion on the Padano amendment. Building Chigi has already decided how to react: if the League does not slow down, the government will put the trust on the entire measure, preventing the Northern League senators from being able to express themselves. A slap, a challenge to the heart of the Northern League. Heavy words fly in CDMin front of his executive colleagues. Salvini Repubblica continues blames Meloni’s loyalist Thick of having financed some of the Pnrr’s works by cutting bridge, road and railway projects, which were dear to him as Minister of Infrastructure. In the end, Salvini leaves the room early. “It doesn’t work like that, it really doesn’t work“, he rages. Distances on the merits, of course. But it is obviously politics that leads. And it is predicted that the battle, in the center-right it has just begun.

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